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Comment: In other words, not really coming to Linux (Score 0) 166

by NemoinSpace (#48027343) Attached to: Adobe Photoshop Is Coming To Linux, Through Chromebooks
Unless you live in North America (but don't work for a Canadian hospital), are still in school, use a really crappy computer, and are willing to wade through months of red tape.
Seriously Adobe, is this some kind of plot to make Microsoft look open source friendly?

Comment: fork debian and kill -9 systemd (Score 0) 57

by NemoinSpace (#48020657) Attached to: How To Find the Right Open Source Project To Get Involved With
If you get on board now, there are few changes that need to be undone. Truth is, most of your work will involve branding and renaming to testing to not_experimenting_on_my_production_servers It will also thwart the Fedora folks from subverting RHEL. You'll have to wait about 18 months for systemd to explode horribly, and for all the fashionable new agers to come running back to you, but the world will thank you.
After you have secured the server market, you can finally take over the desktop.

Comment: Re:Teaching/Learning machanism (Score 1) 85

by NemoinSpace (#47945623) Attached to: Europeans Came From Three Ancestry Groupings
I am certainly willing to observe the continuing evolution of science as well as religion. I don't hold contempt for a people that used to worship the Sun, nor do I despise the idea that we used to think the Sun was made of coal. What I find irreconcilable are pseudo intellectuals whose entire mathematical model of the universe depends on discounting 1/0. Especially, as I have been told by every instructor i ever had, there is no way to justify infinity, (or undefined). You just have to accept the answer and "take it on faith" Look, Mr. Neil i-have-two-last-names-Tyson, any man that hates God AND Pluto has got an axe to grind in my book. Stick to physics, and leave metaphysics to the experts. ok?
Now, science is not all bad, I happen to think the double slit experiment is one of the coolest things I've ever done and that is about as empirical AND mystical as it gets. See, if you can believe in a photon that exists outside of your light cone, God is not that much of a leap.

Comment: Sphere's of influence (Score 0) 183

by NemoinSpace (#47937109) Attached to: Snowden's Leaks Didn't Help Terrorists
Today's musing has led me to postulate that the causality in my universe can roughly be approximated by U(i)~1/(pi*D)*d^2
Where D is the span of my reach, and d is the distance separating the bogeyman I am blaming for every malady that befalls me. (feel free to use English or Metric units when calculating your personal universal constant of givashitz)
I have purposefully left S(i), (level of self importance) out of the numerator because it is absolutely swamped out of the equation by the backlog of data yet to be analyzed in the records warehouse known as Area obscurous, (formerly Area-51). Hopefully this new universal constant will alleviate your angst whether you believe Snowden to be a traitor or not, or even if you believe Nancy Pelosi had no time to read the health care act because she was too busy reading about what you had for breakfast this morning. Last but not least, I would like to give credit to Simon Plouffe for leading me down this rabbit hole while I sat mesmerized watching an old core2 duo calculate pi to 1 billion digits.

Comment: Re:Three times less? (Score 0) 171

by NemoinSpace (#47879443) Attached to: Universal Big Bang Lithium Deficit Confirmed
Since division is the inverse, or opposite, of multiplication, you can use arrays to help students understand how multiplication and division are related.
Later in life, these petulant third graders will learn almost, but not quite enough english to make really stupid arguments. You will have to put up with these people for the rest of your life. That's where the Lithium comes in. It seems it has been this way since the beginning.

Comment: Re:In my day we called that DWB (Score 0) 142

by NemoinSpace (#47854771) Attached to: Private Police Intelligence Network Shares Data and Targets Cash

Normally, the racial bias that portrays itself everyday is not lost on me, but you are so far off the mark on this one (as most are), that it becomes readily apparent why the racketeering game is so successful in this country. Hell, we even use it quite unabashedly to fund the desires of our old men, who constantly wish to wage war with a cannon fodder lower class that Mao himself could not have genetically engineered. Some of the pathetic bastards have even stooped to invading small island countries like Granada. - How fuckin gutless is that?
Moving drugs, shakedowns, and insuring successful transport of drugs in this country is a rich white mans game. The fact that low income minorities are paraded before you as law and order is amusing, until the rest of us realize the ruse has worked.
The only irony is that while it absolutely required rich, fiercely independent, white men to establish modern democracies, the only people that have demonstrated a similar resolve to fight for their freedoms is the post WWII generation blacks (men and women). The rest of us have stood in line to demand government supplied healthtcare and MTV. The serfs of the 13th century would be appalled. As am I.
The drug trade is simply a means to an end. That of waging war, they prefer to wage war on other countries, but waging war on your own civilian population is so much easier. Especially once they have become accustomed to being fed copious amounts of bullshit. If you are one to offer a dimes worth of difference between Obama or Bush, for that matter, this message applies to you. Your government has lost its way, because the Americans have lost their way. I would offer a solution, rather than a rant, if I felt you were smart enough to hear the message. But you are not. So enjoy the vestiges of your rotting democracy before you can't stand the smell anymore, because it's already dead and you killed it.

Comment: Re:less than one particle per square kilometer/100 (Score -1, Troll) 74

The surface area of Earth is 500 million km. That swamps the denominator by 4 orders of magnitude. So my question is why do they need to do this at all? I suspect spending billions on your own pet project is more lucrative than studying the existing data.
This is not a search for an unknown particle. As a car analogy, Ford doesn't continue crash testing their F-150's after the initial results are certified. That's "Mythbusters" job. I smell pork.

Comment: Do you Slashdoters really use Fedora? (Score 1) 170

by NemoinSpace (#47849329) Attached to: Fedora To Get a New Partition Manager
It was DOA as far as I was concerned. Redhat basically told the world "we don't care about the desktop" and it shows. Now, I still rely on Centos but I prefer debian and my users get mint. Fedora gets to make the false insinuation that they are redhat till stuf blows up or changes in midstream. It's not redhat and it's not a standard linx desktop. Fedora is what's left over after a bunch of junior hacks get done dicking around for the day. You get to pick up the pieces. Nobody in their right mind uses Fedora. It's just Like working on the zune. Fedora is what a free edition of windows would be with a lot less polish. I wish Microsoft would just release their own version of linux and get it over with. You Linux guys are no disciplined enough to stick with a project and see it through.

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