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Comment: Re: Once again, it's "me too" in the back of the r (Score -1) 93

would you prefer they completely shut down...
Well yes, but this way they can coninue to suffer the same fate they inflicted on Compaq. The company that brought you the 386 was reduced to whoring itself with consumer grade plastic crap built peddled and supported by foreigners. Of course Packard used to have an almost revered name before Fiorina, with Whitman, it's just pathetic. Maybe HP should build rockets, how much worse could they be?

Comment: Re: Sky drive? (Score -1) 143

by NemoinSpace (#48246523) Attached to: OneDrive Delivers Unlimited Cloud Storage To Office 365 Subscribers
Don't single him out, the number of dopes posting about things they don't use and have no experience with is legion. Idiot probably uses systemd for good measure. Sorry to throw that non-sequitor in there, but systemd is the edith keeler of debian. If it doesn't die our future will be broken. Linus himself may collapse into a statistical nondeterminate improbability. And nobody wants that.

Comment: Density vs. Isolation vs. Money (Score -1) 56

by NemoinSpace (#48167729) Attached to: Making Best Use of Data Center Space: Density Vs. Isolation
Now let's talk about the real problem. We can discuss feeding enough power into your building later. At 1/3 of a rack, I suggest you go shopping for wheelbarrows to transport the cash you are going to need to fix your real problem. - Don't feel bad, we all have this problem.

Comment: When you have a lot of experience - leave it off (Score -1) 224

by NemoinSpace (#48155053) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Handling Patented IP In a Job Interview?
I suspect that little patent tidbit is causing more problems than you can imagine. If the company wanted your patents, they would have bought them from you. Now, they are just trying to figure out if you will be skimming their IP and trying to patent it.
Next time, tailor your resume to the job you are after and leave the irrelevant fluff out. Forcing strangers to make decisions about you is not a good idea. THEY DON'T LIKE DOING THAT. You either meet some of their requirements or you don't. You repeat their requirements back to the and explain how you can fulfill them. Once you start talking about being a "self starter" or "working well under pressure" or your GPA or all the things you do in your life that will distract you from what they want you to do, they start talking about those things too. Because the job interview part is over.

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by NemoinSpace (#48140201) Attached to: Fighting the Culture of 'Worse Is Better'

But in the real world, well, we still have people using Windows 95.

not really
If you want to fix their broken spreadsheet problem, maybe they should use SUMIFS (and stop calling you for help). In fairness, you probably didn't charge her anything, which works out to be the right price. Of course if she had called me, I would have told her to spend the 300 bucks on a new computer and not charged her either. Although my solution and insight was worth much more than yours.

Comment: ultimately, they want to be like microsoft (Score -1, Troll) 345

Maybe they'll just drop the filemanager next.
Thankfully, I don't use this crap, I have bigger worries. Like sticking with Debian5 until the Systemd fiasco blows over.
I think this exposes a gaping hole in the free software philosophy. - It's free to use until somebody decides to take it away from you, because they're just not smart enough. Really, this is not a big deal, mostly because chrome is not a big deal. Not anymore.

Comment: Re:Exact mathematical value isn't the ideal (Score 0) 239

by NemoinSpace (#48119041) Attached to: Where Intel Processors Fail At Math (Again)
Wow, that was the nicest criticism of someone's comments I've seen in awhile. Still, I have to go with the parent. He's not trying to prove he's smarter than everyone else. Rather, he reasons anyone that comes near FP in their work is expected to at least take it into account. In engineering, like traffic court, ignorance of the law is no excuse.
The crux of the issue is people claiming expertise in their field where none exists. F@#$%ng moron would be more precise.

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