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Comment: close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades (Score -1, Insightful) 340

Rockets exploding like hand grenades is not even close. I'm sorry to be the one to point out that this little snippit looks like a photoshopped mercury-redstone launch.
I gotta hand it to the guy, blowing all your money on a sure loser is something i would like to do one day. I'm pretty sure he knows he has *zero* chance. Hat's off.

Comment: Re:The fucking cat (Score -1) 172

The "many worlds" theory just adds a layer of absurdity by obscuring the proper reference frame. It's amateurish crap. Physicists proudly state at the outset of most of their arguments that they simply do not know, then happily carry on with flawed mathematical models pretending that they know. It's horribly dishonest, and intellectually degrading.
To learn from your mistakes, you have to admit your mistakes. The problem with modern physics is not that it is incomplete, the problem is that it is inherently wrong. You cannot define something which is undefined. There is no singularity. Stop it!

Comment: Re:people are going to be saying (Score -1) 737

by NemoinSpace (#49346113) Attached to: Germanwings Plane Crash Was No Accident

"well-regulated" = well-trained

Even the "Liberals Guide to Doublespeak" doesn't list this synonym. But the real problem is you're the type that thinks a government issued tax receipt implies "well trained". Every 16 minutes someone dies in a road accident. By your logic, the sooner we start shooting drivers, the safer we'll be.
Can we please stop the ancestor worship of a bunch of wealthy, slave owning, Indian killing, treasonists? I'm pretty sure they were no different than the thugs we have today. Now, you can either amend the constitution, or you can dissolve the political bonds which tie us together. Or you can continue blabbering while other people do your killing for you.
Because after all, even the "well trained" police didn't need guns when they snuffed Eric Garner.

Comment: Re:Sigh (Score 0) 110

Just because you can't afford one doesn't mean I'm not better than you. Plenty of people are going to buy this card and then probably have sex with your girlfriend.
You don't have a girlfriend either do you? See how this works? Believe me, you want this card, you need this card. This card separates the winners from the losers. I'm getting one. If you don't have less than a thousand dollars to blow on a video card, what are you gonna do when you have to spend real money?

Comment: Re:GCHQ Does Something Retarded (Score -1) 68

by NemoinSpace (#49272175) Attached to: GCHQ Builds a Raspberry Pi Super Computer Cluster
>>>"The ultimate aim is to use the OctaPi concept in schools to help teach efficient and effective programming. ...
But to learn how to build efficient and effective hardware you need to go to school somewhere else.
There's nothing wrong with doing something for the fun of it, but if you're a school with a stated goal of teaching students... Couldn't you not fail so dismally?

Comment: How does this help Eric Garner? (Score -1) 95

by NemoinSpace (#49262501) Attached to: BlackBerry's Latest Experiment: a $2,300 'Secure' Tablet
Unlike BlackBerries, cigarette packs are not password protected. Arguably, had Eric kept his cigarettes secured in a password protected container, the police would have had to secure a warrant, rather than torturing him to death in order to get the password from him.
While it is somewhat surprising that as of yet, no lawsuit is forthcoming holding Philip Morris partly responsible for this tragedy - hope springs eternal - there will be plenty of Eric Garners to match the number of jackbooted fascists in the future. Whether there will always be BlackBerries to counter high level morons sending sensitive emails through personal accounts is not as certain.

Mod this off topic, or even troll if you like, it's certainly addresses more issues regarding Blackberry than the article itself.

Comment: Re:Yeah, really?- Try a real fusion reactor (Score -1) 228

It's 93 million miles away. Right in our backyards, just like God planned it. Virtually unlimited power.
Yes, solar. Probably needs to be refined a bit, not the B.S. that has been controlled by the oil/coal giants.
When my dad was a kid, they pumped water by hand, and the blacksmith shop was run from steam engines. You know how the electrical grid was formed? - They built it. Just like the wright brothers built their airplane. Because the government wasn't in the business of getting in your way. Also the government wasn't in the business of keeping misfits alive. Now, you try getting some average Joe who can't grow his own corn to be able to make his own oxygen, then we can all haul ass to mars and sing Kumbaya
The good news is that Andromeda will be here before you know it. But will we? - Well, not me, all i plan to do is get my social security and die, because that's the best plan democrats since FDR could manage, and republicans haven't done much since Lincoln freed the slaves. So let this be a lesson to you. - When *you* come to two paths diverging in a yellow wood, start back-tracking. You don't belong in the woods. You're not Daniel Boone ya know. I mean, Hillary was from Arkansas, but she moved to New York and soon she'll be President. She doesn't know anything about email, or men, but she knew enough to get the fuck out of Arkansas.
Anyway, like I was saying, you want to know how to build a fusion reactor? Start with gravity and add Hydrogen. Lot's of it.

Comment: Re:Xeon D? (Score -1) 76

Don't sell it short. Why have a daemon waste cpu cycles loading stuff like gnome libraries into your L3 cache whether you need it or not, when you can do it directly in hardware?
Hell of a price split between 4c/8c though. I got to see this thing in action. 45W with ECC and 2 10GBE almost makes me feel like I could save the planet all by myself.

Comment: Re:... creates two gaps in evolution (Score -1) 94

I don't think that's it. The problem starts when scientists start calling themselves "Doctors of Philosophy" - PhD. (Although many admit it stands for Piled higher and Deeper.) Most are not that good at it.
The problem ends with fairly ignorant Slashdot scientists, who disregard exhaustive declarations by the Pope that evolution and the Big Bang theory does not conflict with Catholic teaching. and instead create controversies with the 1%'ers of young earthers.
In a similar vein, but perhaps more telling is the Global warming/Climate change/Change the name-Change the argument crowd who are absolutely ignorant of the fact that another ice age is coming.
When you fanatics start talking about how to prevent another ice age, I'll get on board. Till then, try to understand that an understanding of God evolves, and has evolved, much the same as our understanding of the atom.

"I am, therefore I am." -- Akira