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Comment: Re:the world was supposed to end years ago (Score -1, Flamebait) 637 637

Well, look. We had a choice between Al Gore and Jesus Christ. You sure you want to hang your hat on that little snark? I'm pretty sure the 5 Billion Chinese that are reselling you your recycled toxic garbage as drywall don't give a shit about your priceless advice.
And neither do I. You climate whores gotta realize, we want you to die. Every time i read a global warming article i recharge my A/C and vent the freon into the atmosphere. Then I change the oil in my car and pour it down the storm drain. Then i buy some gas and burn some garbage in the front yard.. sometimes i fill up the bathtub and think about how fucked i would be if i lived in Oakland. Then I laugh.

Comment: Re:Why is this dribble on the front page? (Score -1, Flamebait) 445 445

The thing you have to realize is how stupid they have to be to get into an argument like this with someone. These God-hating wanna be anti-christs hang around and apparently know an awfully large number of dumb people, and are happy to have the same stupid conversations with them ad-nauseum. Personally, I have never met anyone over the last 20 years that believes the Earth is 6,000 years old. I'm not saying they don't exist, I'm just saying I don't seem to have an affinity for them.
The real problem is, in an infinite, probabilistic universe, even the smallest chance that God exists is a certainty. Of course, there is no shortage of conflicting, self defeating pseudo-science airheads that will believe anything else rather than making an attempt at living a Christian life with a little less ego.

Comment: Re:Publicly Funded Research (Score -1) 39 39

You are not preaching to the choir. You are just part of a brainwashed generation that demands to have everything you want paid for AND given to you, not only for free, but with zero effort on your part.
Oddly enough, to its credit, it was a liberal, social program that set up the public library system. It was an appeal to social responsibility that "millions of taxpayers" funded research like this. For time immemorial, it has been engrained into societies that the excess of the rich should be allowed to dribble unto the plate of the poor. That farmers should not chase the gleaners from their lands. But liberal philosophy has been hijacked by sloth. You sir are too lazy to show up at the field to glean. You are the modern liberal who sits at home and demands to be serviced. For five measly dollars, you couldn't be bothered to support a researcher on a topic you are so keenly interested in! You probably don't have an online account with your local library, (which is connected to the entire national system). You are a buffoon.
Listen, my conservative brethren, do not misattribute this malady to Liberalism. Liberalism is a worthy attitude, a temper to the steel backbone of good hard working people who reap what they sow. Recognize sloth for what it is. An evil, a sickness, a slow death of spirit. Personally, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to.

Comment: The odds of me dying is 100% (Score -1) 236 236

So far I have lived forever, but waiting around to see a extinction type asteroid event, although also 100% likely, will be pretty boring. The truth is, humans have an uncanny ability to evaluate risk. So much so, that our entire society has been built around the insurance industry. It's the first best perpetual motion machine.
There are a lot worse ways to go than being wiped out by an asteroid. Each day we are a little shorter of breath and one day closer to death. This is probably why, for me, I am oppossed to abortion, yet staunchly Pro Choice. If you don't want to have a baby, you are not required to. Choice begins at conception. DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING, DID YOU?

Comment: Re:With REALLY Huge Fans... (Score -1) 280 280

Let's assume that you had some sort of battery that could store the same amount of energy as a full airplane fuel tank

New york to San Fransisco 259,840 Kwh (7,000 gallons of jet fuel) equates to about 3,000 Tesla batteries

and was light enough to not cause issues.

with a weight of 3.5 Million pounds.

Such a system wouldn't work for cars

Such a system works very well for cars. What it doesn't work for is airplanes.

Assume what you will. But don't suspend the laws of physics.

Note: this is moderated down automatically, because normally I would have written 2 paragraphs of scathing criticism of ignorant liberal global warming types, rather than typing bits of boring facts that normal people can figure out when they aren't spending time dreaming about what other people should do.

Comment: Re:hey dumbass (Score -1) 616 616

Actually, he'd be better off reading the Declaration of independence. Just the part where they had to explain that all men have unalienable rights. Among those, are listed in the bill of rights. The bill of rights is written as a set of retrictions on government, it is not written to tell morons what they are allowed to do.
Almost anyone quoting the bill of rights as on expression of their freedom is n absolute dumbass.
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So I'll do as I damn well please, and you paper waving fascists can go fuck yourselves. We wiped you out once and we just might do it again.

Comment: no such thing as AI. (Score -1) 197 197

Sorry to once again proclaim "The emporer has no clothes". Conveniently ignoring facts and instituting agendas based on things you know nothing about is the realm of global warming nuts.
We have a hard enough time legislating how human inteligence interacts. Spare the hypothetical falsehoods of thinking about whether it is moral to enslave a hypothetically intelligent machine as a prelude to allowing them to marry. No matter how well intentioned, liberal thought experiments are never a substitute for engineering sweat. When you come reasonably close to creating artificial inteligence, hell, just give me a sufficiently advanced autonomous machine that can independently choose what it wants to do that day, and I'll listen to your bizzare arguments

Comment: Re:Barren Class M Planets? (Score -1) 64 64

Just because things are possible, does not make them probable. Even if universe is insanely large the odds are still one in a TRILLION of having an earth like planet, much less discovering one, much less getting there.
Then of course, there's the fact that most rocky planets have no water at all. Then of course, there's the fact that the U.S. no longer has a space program. We are traveling through space fast enough, Andromeda will get here soon enough. Anything we do faster will just increase entropy.

Comment: close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades (Score -1, Insightful) 342 342

Rockets exploding like hand grenades is not even close. I'm sorry to be the one to point out that this little snippit looks like a photoshopped mercury-redstone launch.
I gotta hand it to the guy, blowing all your money on a sure loser is something i would like to do one day. I'm pretty sure he knows he has *zero* chance. Hat's off.

Comment: Re:The fucking cat (Score -1) 172 172

The "many worlds" theory just adds a layer of absurdity by obscuring the proper reference frame. It's amateurish crap. Physicists proudly state at the outset of most of their arguments that they simply do not know, then happily carry on with flawed mathematical models pretending that they know. It's horribly dishonest, and intellectually degrading.
To learn from your mistakes, you have to admit your mistakes. The problem with modern physics is not that it is incomplete, the problem is that it is inherently wrong. You cannot define something which is undefined. There is no singularity. Stop it!

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