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Comment: Pray the Lord's prayer with her (Score -1) 687

If you can get her to not hate god for taking you way too soon, that prayer will pretty much cover whatever life throws at her.
p.s. don't overburden your wife with instructions and details either. Just hug her the way that you do and tell her you love her. Sorry to be my typical contrary self, but I'm sure it might have occurred to you - dieing is the easy part.

Comment: Re:FUCK LIBERALISM (Score -1) 113

by NemoinSpace (#49124103) Attached to: AMD Unveils Carrizo APU With Excavator Core Architecture
I thought he was ranting about the people behind the counter! Yeah showing up early might be worth a try, but in any case it sounds like the guy knows full well what happened to the Apache Indians once they allowed immigrants to become pervasive. - But that was the Spanish you should be crying about. By the time the U.S got involved, It was an internationally recognized government with which the Apache had absolutely nothing to do with.
Now, somewhere there is a valid argument against attempting to wipe out entire tribes of people, but you haven't made it. Hence the subject line. The sad truth is most liberals are really good and intelligent people. They just choose to argue about the most trivial, inconsequential claptrap that makes their entire message nonsense.

Comment: Re:Maybe you deserve it ? (Score -1, Flamebait) 237

by NemoinSpace (#49100601) Attached to: Ten Lies T-Mobile Told Me About My Data Plan
Typical asshole mods are out in force today. Parent is spot on with his observation. I suggest a Systemd port over to IOS to prevent the data issue. But as far as my permanent terrible karma, I guess we'll all have to live with it since their is really no nice way to tell a clueless apple user what he is doing wrong.

Comment: The good thing about BSD. (Score 0) 105

by NemoinSpace (#49084367) Attached to: FreeBSD-Current Random Number Generator Broken
You have to really want BSD on your computer for it to stay there, so it's in no danger of suffering from Linux's fate. Linux started out similarly, but slowly got dumbed down to the point where any corporation could get away with using it as a cheap (as in beer) alternative.
I'm not trying to offer a lame excuse for BSD, but BSD will recover from this in short order. Linux will never regain its roots as a nuts and bolts OS and it will never shed its Communist roots of forced misappropriation of copyright. Linux, quite honestly, is badly aged wine that has turned to vinegar.

Comment: Re: Nothing is possible. (Score -1, Flamebait) 249

by NemoinSpace (#49072689) Attached to: Game Theory Calls Cooperation Into Question
Wrong. If you are poor and starving it is because you are stupid and lazy. Greed usually results in being rich and fat while having a serf mentality tends to make you Chinese. There are nuances to the rule, like Africa, Greece, and pretty much any country that is too close to the equator. Then of course, there is the great equalizer - Liberalism, which allows for stupid, starving, lazy people to sieze wealth from others. So, it's all good.

Comment: What we have is a failure to communicate (Score -1) 138

by NemoinSpace (#49065617) Attached to: NVidia Puts the Kibosh On Overclocking of GTX 900M Series
Turbo buttons are for desktops.
Looks like that nasty frequency wall is hitting us a little sooner than we planned. The marketing folks have taken to advertising turbo speeds on their processors and the average guy doesn't realize that half your cores are shutting down and your non ecc memory is getting amnesia. It seems like a lot of trouble to make the 8 cuda cores in my 8300 GS execute NOP faster than is necessary. But then again, parallel programming is hard and AMD needs a break.
Sounds like a job for Systemd.

Comment: The correct answer to the question is (Score -1) 809

by NemoinSpace (#49050641) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Portion of Developers Are Bad At What They Do?
"Fuck if I know, I just use really old versions of things like SSL and bash, 'cause you never know when some prima donna is gonna come along and screw up everything he thinks he knows"
If he doesn't get the joke, then I just focus on the fact that if he doesn't find 3 guys by Friday, there is going to be hell to pay.

Comment: Once you jump the shark it's too late (Score -1) 199

by NemoinSpace (#49047219) Attached to: Torvalds Polls Desire for Linux's Next Major Version Bump
Once it was decided to break the versioning scheme with 3.0 it became less relevant. 2.0, 2.2, 2.4 and 2.6 all had a lot of distinguishable features. The fact that the focus has shifted to marketing version numbers instead of content sums it up. It looks like the Linux kernel has reached the "good enough" stage, so this is to be expected.
What was unexpected was to allow the whole distribution thing to get out of control and allow shit like heartbleed and systemd to ever see the light of day. FreeBSD should catch up enough to be usable over the next couple of years and system admins can go back to work installing OS's on machines to achieve a specific purpose. Until then, we'll just have to work around whatever the evangelists think we need. In which case, Windows 10 becomes relevant again - not because it is better, but because it is more mature and has learned that screwing with things like the start button is even worse than binary logs.

Comment: Re:So presumably..... (Score -1) 208

by NemoinSpace (#49034177) Attached to: Elementary OS: Why We Make You Type "$0"
FreeBSD is best. Now honestly, I've been using pretty much any O/S within arms reach since CP/M. I'm all right with religious wars too, provided both sides agree not to inflict collateral damage on uncaring innocents. One thing I avoid is websites who ask for my credit card information while insisting this information will not be used. Also I avoid watching Lester Holt as a surrogate for Brian Williams. If I want to get bullshitted by NBC, I want the best. Personally, I think this is a bridge too far dreamed up by the republicans so they can hold Hillary to a higher standard for her sniper fire fantasy. In any case, anything that shifts the discussion away from "distraction tactics" like global warming, homosexuality, or abortion is a good thing. Because in this country, we are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights. Because, you see, if you are hell bent on getting rid of unaleinable rights, you must get rid of the creator.

Comment: Re:/. deals (Score 2, Funny) 117

by NemoinSpace (#49011743) Attached to: Google Earth Pro Now Available Free
Slashdot deals is at least as valuable to me as Amazon and e-bay. In fact it has a few added benefits of only display things of relative geekiness that might interest me, rather than Amazon who tend to display every related item i might have ever clicked on in the last 5 years. Also Slashdot deals will show you prices that guarantee you can buy the same item somewhere else for 20% less.
Neither do i disable advertising. Flooding the internet with my inane preference tracking cookies to be stored and backed up on hundreds of servers is the surest way to overwhelm the probabilistic failure rate of raid 6 and force manufactures back to offering 5 year warranties standard. - C'mon people, help keep Slashdot free - Clickit!

"An entire fraternity of strapping Wall-Street-bound youth. Hell - this is going to be a blood bath!" -- Post Bros. Comics