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Comment Re:Tech isn't there yet (Score 1) 765

You don't own enough tin foil.

The bigger question is whether or not there will be a kill switch in the RFID software. That makes the gun reliably safe for the guy with the kill switch, but not so safe for the owner.

Really, if there are laws pending for kill switches on smartphones, how soon before someone demands a kill switch for a smartgun?

Comment same as it always was and will be. ... (Score 1) 360

Folks have always been careful what kids are taught and always will be. This is just a tussle between schools and parents over what is important, and what will be taught. I'm rooting for the parents. Nobody is preventing you from making your kid read the books.

Comment Re:The urban poor subsidized the rich for a while (Score 1) 372

Highways? How fresh do you want your tomatoes? How long are you willing to wait for that UPS or FedEx delivery to get to your door? Just because the highway goes through a lot of countryside between Chicago and New York doesn't mean that the road is there just for the purpose of the rural countryside it goes thorugh.

Housing tax deduction? I wasn't aware that this was only allowed for rural housing?

In any case, what authority are you quoting about what is and is not part of a successful society?

Ok, I do agree that phone subsidies for Ted Turner's ranch and the old small airport are silly. And some year, it might be fixed. But remember that Congress just got around to removing a luxury tax on phones that was created during the Spanish-American war. So don't hold your breath.

Comment Re:Drones are dirt cheap and no pilot dies. (Score 1) 232

Because the piston fighters can't stop your jet powered ground attack craft.

That sort of depends on what rockets and radar they carry. Certainly, the slow but numerous drones aren't going to get into a cannon fire dog fight, but if they can detect the manned fighters, a flood of missles might difficult for the fighter pilot to evade. I wonder how much our opponents are spending on swarm intelligence for such a plan.

Quantity has a quality all it's own.

Comment Re:Without power? (Score 1) 813

Solar Powered roofs
Wind power

Yup, A lot more. When those high winds blow down your windmills by the thousands, how long will it take to fix? When those high winds break up your solar panels with tree limbs and bricks from the neighbors now busted chimney, how long will it take to replace half the solar panels in the neighborhood?

Maybe you'll be the lucky one and your power will be OK, but there will still be millions without power for weeks if they all rely on solar and wind. Now maybe if they all had a natural gas or propane driven generator, they'd all be OK too.

Comment Re:Search (as most people use it) not CLI (Score 1) 1134

Typing in a few keywords is close enough to CLI for the purpose of this argument. And that fact that most folks don't use the more complex stuff merely means that the CLI for google search is well matched to the task at hand. It's a really poor CLI that requires the use of the complex bits of syntax for simple requests.

Comment Re:Inefficient (Score 1) 271

Since power plants aren't things that you can just switch on and off on a whim,

Time to turn in your nerd license while you take a refresher EE/power course. Peaking plants, often natural gas burning turbines, are designed to be turned on and off as needed.

There may be idle machinery, but no wasted electrical potential. What do you think all those thousands of power EEs do with their time if not make sure the grid is reasonably efficient?

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