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Comment Re:Babylon 5 / Firefly / Star Blazers (Score 1) 955 955

I find it amusing that you put both Babylon 5 and Yamato (aka Star Blazers) into the same list. Crusade (the short-lived B4 sequel series) ripped off Yamato rather heavily.

Still, Babylon 5 was probably the best-written TV series ever made. Compelling characters, events that paid off months or even years later, and a security chief who is so badass that even 500 years after his death, you still can't mess with him.

Comment Re:Sounds like X-files and Twin Peaks (Score 1) 955 955

You know, I gave up on X-Files when I realized that every episode was either a lame-ass government conspiracy episode (aka the main plot) or a monster-of-the-weak episode, where Mulder would almost invariably guess, based on virtually no evidence, exactly what's going on within the first few minutes of his entrance, with the rest of the episode being there to prove him right.

Comment Re:bad attitudes (Score 2, Insightful) 742 742

I made some forays into linux a while back for an ftp box, and dealing with the community could be rather painful.
The community has managed to develop a rather vocal core of self-righteous twits, in addition to the more subdued sane people, who probably outnumber them.

Comment Err... (Score 1) 176 176

High school diploma, BA/MA/PHD technical certifications, wedding ring, etc. are all pretty much achievements.
Life is full of times when you get stupid pieces of paper or random objects that show that you've done something. Might be something useful/positive (PHD), negative (prison record), or only really of interest to you (photo of the person who had a summer fling with), but it's all the same thing. Video game achievements are just an attempt to replicate the "see, i did that!" aspect of real life - albeit in a way that stimulates people's competitiveness.

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