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Comment: Re:State of the art from 1985? (Score 1) 59

by Neil Boekend (#49733653) Attached to: Google Offers Cheap Cloud Computing For Low-Priority Tasks

Indeed, load balancing and shifting is not new. It is, however, important and Google needs it to get maximum profitability out of their servers. To do so people need to know that it exists.

Google did not claim there had not been other systems with similar load balancing. They simply explained what it was and how to use it. You know, the data you need to know if it is applicable to you.

Comment: Re:In other news... (Score 1) 255

I live in an apartment and I dry my clothes in the air. My apartment is well ventilated (with a heat exchanger) and thus the moisture won't build up inside.
When I lived in a place where I could dry my clothes outside I did so in the summer. It requires a little more planning and you need to check the weather forecast before you wash. If it's gonna rain you either do not wash or you dry the clothes inside.
Bird poop wasn't an issue, even though we had gorgeous flocks of sparrows over our garden. I can remember a few instances but I'd throw the item back in the wash and the next time I did that type of laundry it would come out clean again.

Just don't dry your clothes in a spot where you wouldn't park your car due to bird poop, like under a tree. Drying goes faster in the sun anyway.

Comment: Re:In other news... (Score 1) 255

Are you really going to get up at 3AM to do laundry? I doubt it.

No of course you are not going to get up at 3AM to do laundry. You would fill the washer at night and it would keep tabs on the electricity rates, running when it gets below a certain price (or when it's getting late and the wash needs to start to get it done before you want to take it out).

Even if you have a timer are you going to leave your wet cloths in the washer till you get up?

Yes. I do that often. I am not sitting there waiting till the washer is finally done. I do something else, like working or sleeping.

You might not remember and those cloths will sit for another ten hours.

That rarely happens and does not harm the clothes. If it would happen often or would harm the clothes I would simply set a calendar item to warn me to get it out.

Are you going to skip your morning shower because it will cost you a dollar extra?

No. I heat my shower water with natural gas. Gas has little storage issues.
If I would use electricity for that and prices would be flexible then I would switch to a water heater with tank that would heat the water when it's cheap to do so, assuming the energy loss due to cooling would not surpass the gains from the time shift.

Another solution is the freezer and the airco. Both can run max at the moment the electricity is required, since both appliances are meant for uses that can handle a couple of degrees delta. Set some limits to them and they would run mostly when the power is cheap.
Electric cars: Most electric cars only need to charge a few hours a night. If you set it so it charges when electricity is cheap then the charging is cheap.

Large users are even more important. Aluminium is a gorgeous metal for it's near infinite ability to be recycled, but initial production requires massive amounts of electricity. A supply following aluminium plant would save a lot.
Same with a water desalination plant.

The other issue with wind power is that it can vary uncontrollably minute by minute. This is the kind of instability that needs to be leveled out by more storage.

That's not another issue. It's exactly the same issue.
Storage does not work (yet). It's simply too much energy in a too impractical form. The load partially following the supply would reduce the need for storage. Not eliminate it, reduce it.

Comment: Re:Rotavirus -- you have a point (Score 1) 278

Most drugs are quite large molecules and not UV resistant. If it becomes a problem then we, in the Netherlands, will start installing UV installations after our sewage treatment plants. For now it is only done in large hospitals because there the medicine concentration is significantly higher. There are monitoring systems in place to test for drugs in the cleaned water after the sewage water treatment but the need to clean them out of there is just not all that big.

Comment: Re:I don't see why people are so childish on it (Score 1) 278

Now, prove that its safe.

If continuous sampling proves it confirms to both these standards it is safe.
Seriously. Any decent muncipal water supply in the Netherlands continously monitors not only for baterial cultures but also PH and various chemical concentrations. If a test fails there is a major problem. I haven't had any trouble with our water (all toilet to tap) in my 30 years. The problems I heard of were things like broken pipes where mud got into the water. That'll give you bacteria.

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