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Comment: Re:Exoplanet ... gaseous world 10x Jupiter (Score 1) 48

by Neil Boekend (#49186993) Attached to: Massive Exoplanet Evolved In Extreme 4-Star System

Indeed. The difference between brown dwarves and planets is under discussion. See the wikipedia page.
At 13 Jupiter masses fusion is sustainable. I agree with those who say that we shouldn't call it a star below that threshold. This object is 3 Jupiter masses below it.

Comment: Re:Do pilots still need licenses? (Score 1) 343

by Neil Boekend (#49186877) Attached to: Would You Need a License To Drive a Self-Driving Car?

Pilots (for autopilot equipped planes) need licenses because it makes sense to have redundancy when the lives of so many people are on the line and the plane can't park on the curb when it doesn't understand what happens.
Another reason is because of fear. Planes don't crash at all (with reasonable rounding) and most crashes that do happen happen because of pilot error (source not because of mechanical failure (that includes autopilot error). It's not really rational.
An autonomous car drives at most a few passengers and can park when it doesn't understand what's happening. Safe failure modes rule.

Comment: Re: Let me guess the name of the line (Score 1) 95

by Neil Boekend (#49169603) Attached to: Ikea Unveils Furniture That Charges Your Smartphone Wirelessly

Just be careful when assembling particleboard furniture with gorilla glue (aka polyurethane glue) ... it will NEVER come apart. You will need to smash the particleboard itself if you ever want to break it down as the glue is far stronger than the wood.

Indeed. polyurethane glue is just for a second lease on life. As with most wood glues it is stronger than the particle board.

What this means is...if you build it and it does't sit perfectly flat while the glue cures then your furniture will forever be wonky and crooked. I'm careful when I build and have ikea furniture that's lasted close to a decade through 5 or 6 moves without anything coming loose.

Good point. Having said that, I haven't had an IKEA thing being wonky. Even those given a second lease on life. May be just luck, may be that I take my time when assembling them.

Oh, and good luck if get it on your hands of clothes *sigh*

Hands: it forms a hard coating on your skin. That coating will come off because it isn't as flexible as your skin. You'll be shedding it for a day or two.
Washing doesn't help. Anything I know of that dissolves it dissolves your skin even faster.
Clothes: Never use glue with nice clothes on. Unless it's water dissoluble glue.

How many QA engineers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 3: 1 to screw it in and 2 to say "I told you so" when it doesn't work.