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Comment: Re:No big red button? (Score 2) 212

by Neil Boekend (#48650685) Attached to: Cyberattack On German Steel Factory Causes 'Massive Damage'

A nuclear reactor and a nuclear bomb are as different as cola and coffee.
If you bomb a nuclear reactor you have made a dirty bomb. Not an atom bomb. Dirty bombs are not nice but not as destructive as atom bombs.
Add to that that the fact that all nuclear reactors have massive concrete and steel walls. Those are meant to keep the radiation inside but also keep bombs outside.
I can't find it now (corporate filters) but there is a film clip of a jet fighter crashing into a reactor wall as a test. Watch it and guess if a bomb is going to damage that.

Comment: Re:Just use filters (Score 1) 114

by Neil Boekend (#48650649) Attached to: Finland Announces an Anti-Laser Campaign For Air Traffic

1. Practical lasers are in just a few frequencies. Not all over the spectrum. They are NOT light bulbs. Filtering works.
2. The rest of the public is not the problem. The problem is not damaging of eyes. It's seeing nothing because the whole freaking windshield lights up.

Having said that, education should indeed be part of the solution.

Comment: Further along (Score 1) 130

Cool. Image recognition is far further along than I thought. It makes the same type of mistakes as humans although in a different way.
We humans see faces in everything. Smoke, clouds and static for example. This just means that this is inherent in the attempt of recognition.

Comment: Re:Automatic cars are just around the corner... (Score 1) 130

That is because computer vision is not yet good enough.
However, Google's rotating laser costs $70,000. Just the laser, you still have to pay for the car under it.

While large scale production would be able to lower that significantly it might be better to start with a $100 camera and a $1000 neural net computer.

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