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Probably mostly speed. Understanding every tool you use means you must invest time to understand it. In the swift and agile world of app development security is the first victim. Taking time to understand what you are doing seems to be outdated.
The only thing the users can do is not install apps that request rights they have no need for. Sadly most users do not care.

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by Neil Boekend (#47548189) Attached to: Black Holes Not Black After All, Theorize Physicists

Neither am I, but the Schwarzschild radius is not the singularity. It's just a radius around the singularity where the escape velocity exceeds the speed of light.
The singularity is in the middle of that. Assuming it exists, it has no volume but it has mass. Any mass divided by 0 volume is infinite density and problematic math.

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I see no problem in keeping tobacco legal. Just not in public spaces that are not specially designed to cope with the problems it generates.
Same with weed. At home or in a coffee shop: no problem (assuming it doesn't clash with work). In a train: big problem.
Heroin: while I wouldn't LIKE a user shooting up during my morning commute it doesn't hurt me (assuming the user doesn't leave used needles in the seat) so it shouldn't be illegal.

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by Neil Boekend (#47513913) Attached to: World Health Organization Calls For Decriminalization of Drug Use

As much left in peace as a drug addict who injects everyone they meet with a bit of their crap.

I don't care about the damage a smoker does to themselves. I care about the crap they dump in the air I need to breathe.
Smoking at home is no problem. Smoking in your own car is no problem. Smoking in the train is a problem. Smoking in a restaurant is a problem.

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by Neil Boekend (#47513609) Attached to: MIT's Ted Postol Presents More Evidence On Iron Dome Failures

Since there are reports of missiles exploding above people's heads and missile shrapnel dropping in target areas (a lot better than a functional warhead) I would assume that Iron Dome works after the booster phase. If it worked in the booster phase the shrapnel would fall short of the target area.
To defend against missiles in the boost phase they would have to react incredibly fast. That may be possible with future advances like THEL or similar laser based missile defenses. Laser is fast. missiles are relatively slow.

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If a bank lets you use ONLY a password to access your accounts it is clear that they do not care much about theft. The rest of their security will be similarly crappy. I would trust them with my mortgage. Not my savings or payment accounts.

My bank requires me to log in with a unique single use code. That code is generated by a "random reader". To generate a code I need to put my PIN card in that reader and enter the PIN.
After I have logged in I still need to sign my transactions. Also with a single use code generated by my random reader. This signing code requires me to enter a single use code that is generated by the bank and displayed on the signing page. Each signing event needs a different code, each code generates a different signing code to enter on the signing page (to prevent some man in the middle attacks.). Next I need to enter the total amount on my random reader (to prevent large problems in other man in the middle attacks).
For large amounts I also need to enter the bank account number in my random reader (to prevent large problems in other man in the middle attacks).

The app is slightly less secure once activated, but you need to sign (with the process described above) to activate your account number on that phone. If you never do that there are no phones that can access your account via the app. You can only pay to known bank accounts with the app. Only those you have already paid to (with the extensive signing procedure).

I like my bank. They have actually spend time to secure transactions. They have found ways to secure it without much hassle (the random reader is easy).
Maybe that is because they are on the hook if they can not prove that I authorized the transaction myself.

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