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Submission + - Windows 7 RC 1 details leak->

NegativeOffset writes: Someone inside Microsoft has let the official page for the Windows 7 RC slip well ahead of schedule. Here's what the page tells us:

With a publication date of May, we now know that the previous April 10 rumors are false. Windows 7 RC1 is coming in May. The release candidate will be available through June of 2009 and expires on June 1, 2010. Also, the release candidate has a pretty low recommended system requirement: 1 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit processor or higher, 1 GB of system memory or more, 16 GB of available disk space, Support for DirectX 9 graphics with 128 MB memory (to enable the Aero theme), DVD-R/W Drive

We have the full text of the mistake and a capture of the page.

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Submission + - Icrontic's EPIC 775/AM2 Heatsink Roundup->

Pete writes: "Icrontic's EPIC Socket 775/AM2 Heatsink Roundup puts top tier heatsinks through the gauntlet on Intel and AMD systems, showing that not all heatsinks perform equally across platforms. In typical Icrontic EPIC style, the testing and benchmarks go above and beyond any normal review."
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