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Comment Re:bah that's nothing (Score 1) 322

the satellite providers charge way too much, for a crappy service.. some even have download limitations that decrease your service to dialup speeds if you overflow your quota bucket.. that's after you spend a couple hundred in equipment, and probably around $100 a month for a business connection... but I did do the math, and we lose a maximum of a 1000 hours every year in productivity due to waiting for pages to load, uploading high res images for products, and the bulk submission of hundreds of ebay items...
Satellite surely can't be as bad as dial-up, and as others have pointed out, the business really isn't viable if $100 a month for a decent connection is too expensive.

If you've done the maths right then this connection is costing your boss X thousand dollars per year, where X is your hourly rate. If you're only getting paid $5 an hour then that's $5000 a year or $416 per month. Buying a satellite connection would easily pay for itself, and since 1000 hours a year is 83 hours a month it would allow your boss to sack 1/2 an employee.... erm... I mean, expand his business.

If you show these figures to your boss and he doesn't do something about improving the connection to his office then he's not a very good businessman and doesn't deserve to stay in business. If he doesn't improve the connection then I'd advise you to consider quitting - it can't be much fun working on dial-up like this, and the guy's obvious incompetence is giving you no job-security.


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