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Necron69 writes: Alright you haters, warm up your fingers and unleash yourselves, as Itanium is back for another round. Intel has finally unleashed the Tukwila processor, with systems from multiple vendors soon to follow. "Intel argues that the new chip will be more attractive to enterprises and scientists as it now shares components with its more popular x86 counterparts. The Itanium 9300, now includes Intel's QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) and other common infrastructure seen in its Xeon line of server chips. The new CPU also links to DDR3 memory." IIRC, Tukwila is said to be socket compatible with Xeon now, so is this the last gasp of Itanium, or the start of the Revolution?? (Disclosure: I spent four years working on Itanium Linux systems for HP, and I'm kind of fond of them. I'm looking forward to seeing what HP is going to come out with since I left.)
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