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Comment It's phenomenally rubbish (Score 1) 484

Noone would be trying to watch this without the Streisand effect. I can't see how anyone could take such a terrible piece of filmmaking seriously. Hell, it doesn't even make fucking sense most of the time, it's just so disjointed and jarring. Blocking it worldwide would be doing humanity a favour.

Submission + - Global Warming Scientist Slamdown (

phantomfive writes: Earlier 16 scientists said anthropogenic global warming is not something to worry about. This generated some rebuttals, "Do you consult your dentist about your heart condition? In science, as in any area, reputations are based on knowledge and expertise in a field and on published, peer-reviewed work."
Now the 16 are hitting back. "We urge readers not to depend on pompous academy pronouncements—on what we say....everyone should look at certain stubborn facts that don't fit the theory espoused in the Trenberth letter."

Comment Re:Not GPL (Score 1) 333

No, one guy has interpreted the MS terms to come to that conclusion without explaining why. I can see nothing in the MS terms that would disallow GPL, but I do see terms that explicitly allow GPL as it is an OSI approved license.

So I ask you, why can GPL not be used?

Comment Re:Bah! (Score 1) 695

It's rising about a foot per century at the moment, so hopefully it wont start rapidly rising. Looks like you'll need to do something though in the next century I guess yet I have no doubt you can rise to the task. Your engineers have risen to every challenge so far, and it's a marvel of the modern age. If any country should give it's trust to science and engineering, and be confident in mitigating any danger it's you guys, you do it so well.

Comment Re:Support them from your own money (Score 2) 666

Why get it when CentOS fits the bill perfectly? Apart from the GP's rationale, it's also helping to build the profile and perception of CentOS if a major CIO advocates it. Congratulations are in order to the CentOS team for their great work, the fact it was even considered let alone requested is a testament to their excellence. Bravo.

Comment Re:Global warming is a lie! (Score 1) 276

So, pray tell, if physicists can't comment on climate science, why is the APS releasing statements about it in the first place, especially ones with such unscientific terms? Nothing in science is incontrovertible, the scientific method requires that any and all theorems can and should be questioned.


Submission + - On the Seventh Day, he logged off (

beaverdownunder writes: Our constant connectivity is a unique feature of the modern age — internet and mobiles have removed much of the time and distance that was once a part of our lives.

But there is a growing trend toward technology Sabbaths — perhaps a weekend off Twitter, a week without Facebook, or a day sans smart phone.

American writer William Powers, his wife and their son started doing an "internet Sabbath" every weekend more than four years ago.

"We basically decided we were being pulled apart from each other by our internet time and our addiction to the screen," he told ABC News Online.

At first, Powers found it hard to stop going online and he cheated a few times — once to catch the end of a movie, another because a hurricane was forecast to hit their town — but he persevered.

"It was like an existential crisis — we didn't know who we were anymore. My nine-year-old son had moments of tears," he said.

"It continued to be hard for about six more weekends, and then it became routine and normal and we began to notice the benefits."

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