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Comment Re:I dunno... (Score 1) 188

Except it's getting really hard to find a "dumb TV." Most of the people that *I've* talked to don't want a smart TV, but fewer and fewer companies making TVs are willing to make TVs without including "smart" features.

Paradoxically, if you want a reasonable number of HDMI ports (so you can attach your own devices) you have to get a smart TV.

Well, it is only smart IF, you connect it to your network. Just leave it disconnected from your network and the internet, and it stays "dumb".


Comment I dunno... (Score 2) 188

I mean, I like to watch stuff on my tablet or phone when I'm out and about and have a moment, or maybe dining alone from time to time.

But at home? That's a different story. I enjoy watching movies especially on a LARGE screen tv 60" or larger preferably. I rarely go to the movie theater anymore, due to pricing and all the damned idiots that won't shut up, noisy kids, etc.

I like to recreate the movie experience at home...and I have a sound system I've built over the years to run with a nice large picture.

No, I don't watch much traditional "network" type television...hell all that turned to stupid "reality shows" or contests of some kind (I remember when the FoodTV and cooking channel used to actually SHOW people cooking with recipes and techniques)...I tune that out.

Of late, good content has started to reappear, like Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, etc. However, with these, I tend to let them finish an annual run, and then binge watch them over a week or so.

But I'd not enjoy good sit down viewing like this with friends or family, or hell, even by myself on a 12", 7" or less size picture.

I want this on a nice LARGE high quality screen. Yes, I am bemoaning the loss of the plasma screen, I still think it has the best blacks, but still.

Of course my eyes are getting worse too..but I don't understand why so many folks seem to be, as this article posits, to be watching everything from a damned cell phone or tablet.

Comment Re:What purpose does registration serve? (Score 1) 191

It's so when your drone does $terroristaction they know were to send the SWAT team.

So, the new way to "SWAT" people you don't like, have their doors broken down, etc...is to either steal their drone and do something nefarious with it, or likely could be just as easy as finding out your target's serial number, and just etching that onto ANY drone, as that with the emergency reactions to things, likely they will be happy to get an address and break down your front door and shoot your dog, etc...

Comment Re:I hope... (Score 1) 191

Unless it has to interact with multiple state and federal systems with diverse data formats running on equipment and software that is decades old, and no longer supported, and connecting all of that to the more modern systems of third party private sector companies whose vested interest is in seeing all all fail... then it should be fairly smooth sailing....

I"m willing to bet that indeed it will come at least CLOSE to having all of those parameters you mentioned.

I can't imagine that it won't in some if not many ways have to interact with states, and likely they want to tie it in with several other stove pipe systems. That's just how federal computer projects all seem to "work"...and I use the word "work" here lightly....

Comment Re: Torrent (Score 2) 308

I should be able to easily buy a silencer. In fact most gun owners should be REQUIRED to own silencers to reduce the amount of hearing loss and noise pollution around gun ranges.

It isn't that hard to get a permit for silencers. The best way, I'm looking into, is forming a Gun Trust with some friends. Basically it is a corporation for specially licensed arms. It is nice in that with these, you can generally bypass the local LEO having to sign off on the things like silencers and other things. It is much easier to get your weapons you want within the gun trust set up that as an individual.

Comment Re:The real worry should be Kessler Syndrome (Score 1) 98

You sir, have summarized an awful lot of space-warfare understanding in a few sentences.

A lot of quite intelligent writers have said much the same thing. War in space will be terribly, terribly expensive. Low tech will often trump high tech, just because there is so damned much low tech available, and it's easy to use.

We see some of that right here on earth. We spend zillions of dollars on surveillance, but a handful of low-tech jihadists pulled off a fairly successful terror attack in Paris, using mostly just weapons available a hundred years ago.

The trouble with money is it costs too much!