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Comment Re:Bad reporters, no science for you (Score 3, Informative) 38

At least one expert disagrees with you.

"Dr Lynn Dicks, a biodiversity and ecosystem services research fellow at the University of Cambridge, told the Science Media Centre: "We now have robust evidence that neonicotinoids have a serious impact on free-living bumblebee colonies in real farmed landscapes."


Comment Re:Will they corrupt VMware? (Score 1) 116

I think the difference in the past vs the future is that Dell almost always tries to put their own ties into their subsidiaries.

In 2-3 years, it'll be VirtualDell or some shit like that. And all of a sudden, chipsets for other vendors (UCS,HP) won't work as well.
Or dedup for VSAN will magically never show up even though it was officially promised a month ago.

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