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Comment Re:Net kill switch (Score 1) 152 152

"In the US, the bulk of net use (in pure data) is business related"

Got any stats to back this up? I would have guessed that YouTube/NetFlix/piracy/porn..etc would be orders of magnitude greater than pure business traffic. Unless you mean YouTube is a business and therefore business related?

Comment Re:They are likely grateful... (Score 1) 446 446

They are likely grateful that people are using their software rather than the superior (and free) Microsoft Security Essentials. (Yes, MS makes a piece of software that is superior in virtually every way to its competition. Hard to believe, but it's true.)

Security Essentials isn't "free" for businesses with more than 10 PC's. The original owner of the Avast licence had 14 PC's so wouldn't qualify for Security Essentials.

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Creative GPLs X-Fi Sound Card Driver Code 369 369

An anonymous reader writes "In a move that's a win for the free software community, Creative Labs has decided to release their binary Linux driver for the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi and X-Fi Titanium sound cards under the GPL license. This is coming after several failed attempts at delivering a working binary driver and years after these sound cards first hit the market."

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