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Comment martyrdom. (Score 2) 132 132

That is what it takes. Be ready to be reprimanded. Be ready to be fired and blamed for the problems you were trying to fix. Be ready for your former boss to immediately turn around and accept the credit for the fixes you worked so hard on in your free time. If you love the company that much, be ready to sacrifice your job to save it.

Just a word of personal advice though; don't do it. History is written by the winners.

Comment Re:Our value is community. Not the broken site. (Score 3, Insightful) 550 550

1) No, that's completely wrong. Think about that one a bit harder.
2) You'll find this is the situation with moderators pretty much everywhere in real life; you must be young
3) Also wrong, and obviously so; you know very well posting to a thread you moderated will undo the moderation, and frankly it matters very little since moderation can't completely remove any posts.
4) You'll find this is also true of the internet in general.
5) You'll find the distinction between these two types of posts is only clear if you're the one who posted it. This is a universal constant of society too; nothing to do with slashcode.
6) You didn't think this one out very carefully either, obviously.
7) See #6. What, do you think getting all your friends to help gang up and moderate some poor sucker's post to -1000 is gonna actually help this situation any? Careful... your hidden agenda is showing...
8) see #5
9) Seriously? all your complaints above and you actually still think someone is gonna use a "disagree" moderation when they can call it a troll or flamebait? you said yourself there's no accountability.... come on. if you want to actually address problems you have to actually think out your "solutions" to their logical conclusion. Even if you could enforce use of "disagree" moderation, there's absolutely no sane world where disagreeing with someone's post should be justification for being allowed to moderate it. In fact, quite the opposite; what your suggestion creates here is called a "conflict of interest." At best, this suggestion doesn't change anything at all and just adds server load and development costs. At worst, it actually causes/exacerbates a problem you claim to care about; that legitimate posts are unfairly moderated down.
10) I'm not even sure what you mean by this. The moderator points are assigned clearly by past behavior. Don't post anonymously so much and you'll get more moderator points to spend. Simple. This point also appears to be wrong, but Its possible I just don't understand what you mean, or you meant to type something else.

And then we have:

11) I guess I don't know about any delays, but my guess is its a server-load/hosting-cost issue. Not all ACs are going to be the honorable gentlemen you envision them to be; many of them are actually trying to crash or infect Slashdot's servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the real world, I can't imagine any high profile website that allows users to post content anonymously without any sort of throttle whatsoever. You must not maintain web software for a living.
12) Ok this one you're right about, and I actually agree with you. Someone clearly needs to brush up on their understanding of character sets and regular expressions, because the data handling of this text field is so amateur-hour 1996. Its pretty embarrassing to see it still behaving the same exact way in 2015. They should have put development man-hours into fixing this first, instead of that whole "Slashdot Beta" boondoggle.
13) God help us all if you actually get your way on this one. The rest of us would rather NOT see every single user's stupid rich-content banner-ad signature. I'm certain the signature character limit was specifically chosen to prohibit the ability for the signatures to carry a Google tracking tag. Your other opinions might just be misguided, but this one makes me suspect you're actually a bad person, who seeks to do harm on those around him.

And of course...

14) Ok, I agree here too. The editing sucks. At least they could fix obvious typos and grammatical errors, missing links, outright inaccuracies, etc. Its pretty clear most of them take zero pride in their work, or else their parents just didn't discipline them enough as children.
15) No, the firehose is there so all submissions are visible by the users. If you think its a waste of time just don't use it. Nobody ever implied you should in the first place. Your lack of self control isn't a justification for removing a feature that allows complete transparency of submitted (pre-approved) stories. This is actually one of the few really smart things they've added in recent years.
16) Ok, I agree with this one too, just not with the entire list of what you think is currently broken. Slashdot Beta was balls though, for sure.

I'd probably only fire like 70% of them. The rest could probably be trained to suck less, once the dead wood is dropped.

Comment Re:Right vs wrong (Score 1) 165 165

... and they can probably protect identities if desired.

Nooope. Not anymore. You forgot the Snowden disclosures. Journalistic integrity with regards to protecting identities of whistleblowers is utterly impossible now. This is why Groklaw shut down, actually.

It is better to never have tried anything than to have tried something and failed. - motto of jerks, weenies and losers everywhere