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Comment Re:Does it really matter to the air? (Score 1) 618

There may be more variables here you're not considering. Compare cars-per-capita in most large cities around the world you'll see even the biggest, densest ones generally top out at around half as many cars as people. Compare that to Los Angeles, for example, where there are almost twice as many cars as people.

Comment Re:Fire them all, would be a good start. (Score 1) 158

Someone in management who tasked him with this certainly had it in mind, but that person is likely not doing so with the full backing (or even knowledge) of the actual company ownership. Likely this person is just very shrewdly using using him as a pawn to seek out where the actual enemies lie in a much larger game of backstabbing office politics. Likely this person's head is going to be the next one on the chopping block.

Comment Fire them all, would be a good start. (Score 1) 158

Seriously. If this is how they're running their operation to this day, chances are its not just harmless, easily washed-away naivety that is keeping everything so poorly organized and insecure. Chances are you're going to find this out the hard way though, and they'll mysteriously get instantaneously far less apparently incompetent when it comes to finding ways to get you fired first.

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