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+ - April Foo...oh, wait, what?

Submitted by
Wade Tregaskis
Wade Tregaskis writes "I'm tempted to post this under "It's funny, laugh", but I'm terrified that they might actually be serious. Media Rights Technologies, a company that develops DRM technology, have — according to their own press release — "issued cease and desist letters to Microsoft, Adobe, Real Networks and Apple with respect to the production or sale of such products as the Vista OS, Adobe Flash Player, Real Player, Apple iTunes and iPod." They assert these companies are "actively avoiding the use of MRT's technologies", and seek damages of "$200 to $2500 for each product distributed or sold". I don't even know how to respond to that."

+ - Vista Voice Commands Vulnerability Revealed

Submitted by spellraiser
spellraiser (764337) writes "Tsu Dho Nimh reports on Associated Content that Windows Vista is open to exploitation via voice commands.

What they did not provide Vista with was the ability to tell which sounds are coming from the speakers and which sounds are coming from your mouth into the microphone. The result? If you play a sound file with Vista commands in it, Vista does what the sounds tell it to do. Even if the commands are to delete all your files and empty the trash to make sure you can't get them back!

This means that sound played through the speakers from any source could trigger voice command actions. User-friendly? You bet. Safe? Well ..."

+ - How can my greedy corporate give back to OSS

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "I am the technical manager of a small to medium sized business (not that greedy yet) with around 75+ computers and 300+ staff. A few years ago we moved over to a mixed stack of software with paid up closed source software such as windows, mdeamon, sage, acrobat, etc. This stack is completed by OSS products including openoffice, workrave, dia, pdf creator, inkscape, gimp,, 7zip, firefox, gantt project, ubuntu etc. This has provided us with a cost effective, easy to use and feature rich software infrastructure.

I have permission to make a contribution back to the OSS community and financial support appears to be the only way to proceed. Providing funds to individual projects seems to be very inefficient as it is impossible to tell how the money will be used, where it is most needed as well as not being helpful in creating a broad, balanced and progressive OSS stack (speech recognition anyone). Is there a better way for example a foundation or charity that I can donate to that will do this for me?

Sorry about the grammar."

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