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Comment: Imported sand in Iceland (Score 1) 264

by Nammi-namm (#48357849) Attached to: We Are Running Out of Sand
Here in Iceland all our natural sand is black. One of the public beaches in our capital city has imported yellow sand now. When I was a kid it had black sand. I don't know why they'd do that. I thought people visited Iceland to see and have fun in blackish/greyish sand, not the bland normal sand in pretty much any other country in the world. Not to mention its now always bloody freezing on that beach now. Since yellow sand doesn't draw the heat in like black sand does.

Comment: Re:10 years ago this made sense (Score 1) 358

by Nammi-namm (#46493163) Attached to: EU Votes For Universal Phone Charger

Over the last decade, everyone has already standardized on USB as the default. Everything I need to charge can be charged off a USB port, and I only need 2 different cables, one for my wife's iPod, and a micro USB for everything else.

The reason this is a terrible idea, is that when someone does come up with a better connector (for example, Apple's Lightning connector), they may not be able to produce/sell it because the standard has already been set. As usual, the EU is late to the party and trying to solve a problem that's already been solved, while potentially causing problems for the future.

The problem though is that nobody besides Apple can use the Lightning connector for the time being. Having something as a standard is better than having nothing as a standard. I could argue just as well about how unsafe wall sockets in the US are or how big and heavy the wall plugs in the UK are. At least they have something defined.

Comment: Opensourcing their codebase (Score 1) 181

Personally I think if they're going to dump Presto like that, they might as well let someone else further the engine, hell it might even adopt more users that way.

I used Opera only because of its engine. Now there is nothing, not even my precious Linux support. So, stick with 12.16, or stick with something both FOSS and modern.

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Comment: Re:Opportunities for profit (Score 1) 12

by Nammi-namm (#43102837) Attached to: The Green Grid Publishes New Data Center Recycling Metric

You are right there is money to be made out of E-waste.

We are now two hours after the submission of this article and this seems to be the second comment, in my eyes some indication lots of people just don't care about recycling or the environment.

And Americans are just waking up :)

I am commenting because I care. Everyone should. This really reminds me of the documentary The Lightbulb Conspiracy. You can see it on youtube if you guys are interested, it has this exact subject in it.

Comment: Re:Ubuntu, now Firefox? (Score 1) 107

by Nammi-namm (#43010877) Attached to: 18 Carriers Sign Up for Firefox OS Phones

So let's see, what's going on in the mobile world: BlackBerry slowly going under and being replaced by Windows Phone (Symbian is going away, too). iOS and Android continue to dominate the market. Ubuntu is starting to make tablet and smartphone OSes. How does Mozilla figure Firefox OS is going to stand out?

Mozilla is aiming at the low spec smart phone market. Ubuntu has some high mimimum nequirements. While Ubuntu is aiming at high end stuff and the Western market. FirefoxOS is aiming at the developing market and the cheap low powered smartphone range. Personally I'm going to get both.

Comment: Like WTF (Score 1) 684

by Nammi-namm (#42901273) Attached to: Iceland Considers Internet Porn Ban
I'm an Icelander here and this is just outragious. I haven't even heard about this yet myself! I definetly know 'most' of my fellow Icelanders aren't going to be happy about this. I mean how often do you go searching for porn? We do it just as much as you the-rest-of-the-world would. My goverment is being unfair again.

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