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Comment Re:24mbit.... or "up to" 24mbit? (Score 1) 188

It might depend on which particular engineer you get. After finding that my internal cabling was fine, his tests found that the copper in the road was passing ok on almost all tests, except that it wasn't doing well at protecting itself from interference (the "AC balance" value was low).

There were some spare copper cables in the road, so they tested each one to see which was best, and they then connected me to the best one. Broadband speed has gone up 60%, and seems stable. So I'm very happy.

Comment Re:24mbit.... or "up to" 24mbit? (Score 1) 188

I take it back, as we speak there are people out, pulling up manhole covers. It seems that the test the ISP can run, the "line test", doesn't tell the whole story. But if you can get an engineer comes to your site, they can run more detailed tests, and sure enough, he found something was out of whack with the copper running to the site. But the ISP seems to act like, well we ran a line test and it reported ok, so there's no problem and nothing we can do.

Comment Re:I volunteer as tribute. (Score 2) 381

And not just "eat less", but be happy and healthy. That's the real challenge. 10 years later. Ie. not a 21 day diet, but a lifestyle.

This is why Paleo/Banting gets advocated. Anyone can starve themselves. But increase their health whilst also increase their food intake and enjoy their meals and have more energy?

Comment Re:I volunteer as tribute. (Score 1) 381

These days the Paleo/Banting/Real Food view is more or less, you can't outrun a bad diet, and the diet does make a big difference, but the exercise doesn't.

Also, the "healthy" diet most often recommended (low fat, balanced, etc.), is just wrong, so it was never going to work. Basically, because of the carbs. High Fat Low Carb does work, generally, except for people who have other issues as well. But basically, like this research, there is far more going on that just "you ate too much" — as Taubes put it, a child doesn't grow because he overeats, he overeats because he's growing. There is more going on that simple energy in/out.

Yet many traditional organisations continue to recommend a "balanced" diet" and, when it doesn't work for people, claim they're just eating a few bytes too many and not burning off the excess. Ie. it isn't our advice that's wrong, you're just lazy! So I appreciate your comment here in that light also.

Well, people can try Paleo for themselves and see whether it works for them. The big problem has always been that things like diet are very hard to test rigorously. So nutrition has had a lot of pseudo-science, and sometimes, your great grandma was indeed right that pasta does make you fat.

Comment Apple KITT (Score 3, Funny) 118

I'm really looking of forward to a car I can talk to.

Mike Traceur: [awakes suddenly] Man, I was out cold.
K.I.T.T.: Actually, Michael, you were not out cold. You were in a very heavy REM state.
Mike Traceur: You know, you sometimes sound like Hal from 2001?
K.I.T.T.: I find that movie extremely confusing.
Mike Traceur: You know what confuses me?
K.I.T.T.: There are not enough hours in the day to list all the things that confuse you.
Mike Traceur: Oh, snap.
K.I.T.T.: Yes, Michael. Snap.

Comment Re:Slashdot Paradox (Score 1) 417

LOL, thanks. But yours explains another reason why just counting words is not a good metric. The meaning of your paragraph only becomes clear IN THE LAST PHRASE. Up until then, the reader is wondering, how is any of this connected? Where is this going? What are all the facts? Which are the important ones I need to remember? All of which only becomes apparent in the last phrase.
My paragraph is a simple chain, so you don't have to remember too many items as you go along.

Comment Re:Slashdot Paradox (Score 1) 417

Not that I read every article and comment, but I think Slashdot shifted from pro-AGW to anti after the Climategate stuff was released, but also broadly, we had too many people claiming that we had just 4 years to save the planet, and that was a long time ago now.

Disclosure: my own view is that climate change is simply one instance of a class of problems which are global, global in that, they can't be solved by any one government acting alone, so it is these global problems which may necessitate humanity to move to a new set of values which are truly planetary, ie. it is deeply unfair that a kid's chances in life are determined by where they happen to be born, so a kid born in Somalia has a very different life than one born in California, and to really remedy that, we need a united humanity, and so in a sense, global problems like climate change are to be faced not in a technological way, but more essentially in a social and political way, to change people's values, to make people less greedy and more cooperative, and I think that this is why many people are deeply concerned about climate change, because they feel that humanity needs to change its character (changing how we produce energy is just icing on the cake) — however, there is fatal flaw in this, and bear me out, but for succinctness I'm going to say it in an offensive way, namely that, trying to wrap a new morality and ethics inside a science theory, is as bad as creationists trying to refute evolution because they'd rather your little kids grew up believing in their mythic God, in other words, it is a very dumb idea, and apparently, an idea invented by Margaret Thatcher, a very right wing politician who wanted to break the coal miner unions' stranglehold on energy, in around 1985 to 89, and she made a case that coal was very bad, hiding her real reason, her opposition to the miners, and instead gave speeches at the UN about climate change, one of the first politicians to do so, as she wanted to justify going off coal on "scientific" grounds, so she talked about greenhouse gasses and CO2 and man's pollution, and she founded the Hadley Centre and so on... so the moral of the story is, if you really want to transform people's ethics, then talk about the ETHICS themselves, because otherwise, will your ethics become useless if the science ends up changing? or did your ethics actually have their own merit in the first place, regardless of any particular scary problem? that's what the whole environmental movement is going to have to rethink, because as I say, I am in favour of a global united humanity living well in the ecosystems of the world, where every child has a reasonable chance in life, with health and education, but the whole AGW mantra has just blown a huge credibility hole in the project, if one cares to look at it objectively.

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