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Comment Re:Not AI (Score 1) 149

As someone put it, a real AI would spend much of its time wondering whether to kill itself.

Ex Machina was quite nice actually, for the whole question of how to test whether a thing is sentient.

But I'd guess that the "brain-machine" is what produces/structures any phenomena/data, like being able to recognise a tree amongst all the patterns of colour, or the right moves in a game, whereas sentience is that which experiences that data — so artificial intelligence can be any clever data processing, sufficiently clever to impress us, like a computer being able to say "that's a tree" when its camera is pointed at a tree, whereas artificial sentience would be when that machine actually becomes sentient... actually starts experiencing what it is processing, and who knows if that's even possible.

Comment Re:Procrastination serves me well at work. (Score 1) 94

True, but here's how it does works: you take that thing that requires creativity and can be made to wait, and whilst your subconscious works on it, you clean the toilet.

Actually I once had a brief to produce a post-modern take on a betting shop, as an art installation—and whilst cleaning the toilet it occurred to me that the counter of the betting shop should have the area where you pass your money through look like a toilet bowl.

Throwing your money down the drain; all money is crap; etc.

Unfortunately I procrastinated on it so long that at the end of it all I had to show was a lot of sketches of toilets.

Which is ironic. But then that's post-modern ironic for you. A sort of irony on irony, or in my case, ceramicky on ceramicky.

Comment Re:Procrastination serves me well at work. (Score 1) 94

Heh, cool.

When I was studying architecture, they told us the story of the industrialist CEO who called in a tech to replace the doorknob to his office.
A week later the tech comes back and says, "you know, I've been thinking about the doorknob, and the problem isn't really the doorknob, it is the way the door works."
So the CEO agrees and asks the tech to work on the door.
A week later the tech comes back and says, "you know, I've been thinking about the door, and the problem isn't really the door, it is the layout of the corridor leading up to the door."
So this goes of for a few months and by the end the tech is redesigning the whole factory.

Design stops when you run out of time*

* Plus a few extra hours, I'd argue.

Comment Re:Time is Money (Score 1) 138

Sure, and the last time this happened to me, and I forgot to update my satellite provider, a promotion was taken away from me because a payment became late. Again, it doesn't matter if it takes 30 seconds to deal with this. Any amount of time spent greater than 0 is an inconvenience and this should not go unpunished. I think the logic is pretty clear...

Comment Time is Money (Score 0) 138

What about all the time the credit card owners have to waste getting a new card and updating all of their vendors, services, etc. If the business is responsible for the credit card data being stolen, and I lose 12 hours of my time dealing with that, then that's "damage", and I deserve to be reimbursed for my time.

Comment Re:3x GHG emissions *per calorie* (Score 1) 340

By "good" I mean, the cow can live well, and we can't. So then you have to include the carbon footprint of all the hospitals full of sick people. But of course before we even get to that argument, there's the whole issue of what's the optimal human diet anyway... and the author of that book claims vegetarianism ruined her health, over the decades. But that's also a complex topic, given that it is hard to show that many people do really well eating healthy meats when the national health advice for decades has been to not do that, so where's the healthy sample to draw on to show it clearly? Especially when we're talking about, not the people who do it for ten years, but the people who do it for fifty? So people like Keith end up simply having to go by their own experience.

But what we do know clearly is that obesity and diabetes rates have been steadily going up for the population, so something is wrong, and maybe it isn't just that people are not running enough marathons. For example, Tim Noakes, a sports scientist, ran many marathons and still got diabetes, so how many more was he supposed to run? Or was it just that, the standard healthy diet based on grain agriculture was wrong? And what's the carbon footprint of millions of people needing expensive treatments for diabetes and cancer and obesity?

Part of the issue is this notion of "growing food for humans". There's the "growing" part, ie. intensive agriculture, and there's the "for humans" part, ie. is it really a reasonably healthy diet for humans?

But I'm just saying these alternative ideas exist. If one wants to figure out which is right, I guess it is a matter of going off and reading a load of books and then trying stuff. I can only suggest that the alternative ideas are out there. Lierre Keith is pretty clear that a lot of land is only sustainably "farmed" by putting natural pasture cows on it, and there are grasslands where ruminants are the only thing that'll inhabit them. See you only get all that grain for your pasta and cereals by over farming it using fertilisers which come from fossil fuels, and so on. I suggest reading the book, and others like it, as I don't have a copy to hand to check quotes, but it is that sort of argument, amongst others.

For me it isn't just beef, I eat hearts and kidneys and livers and so on, and bone broths.

Comment It's simple... (Score 1) 83

They just need a 2-column setup.... current posts on one side, or one pane, and "important"/interesting posts in the other.

Plenty of space for it in the main twitter web page, mobile people may have to swipe left or right between screens... Tweetdeck could do it simply...

Comment Re:Before SSDs can replace HDs (Score 1) 272

Fusion-io did that 5 years ago with their pci-e flash cards. The drives were very vocal about any trauma they might have suffered and would drop into a reduced write mode if you didn't heed the warnings in order to get your attention... if you still ignored them, they would go read only and you'd be forced to copy your data off.

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