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Comment: Re:Quakelive (Score 1) 460

by NamShubCMX (#29715355) Attached to: Linux Games For Non-Gamers?
I've been stuck sick in my room for the past week and discovered quakelive. Wow. It's awesome to remember how much fun this game was. The in-browser features are actually quite cool. You can easily find friends, the match browser is very cool, and achievements are always fun (should have more...) The game itself is the same ol' quake 3. However there seems to have a wave of new players, which is cool for unskilled players like me.

And it works *flawless* in linux, with firefox.

And yes, having a god proportion of linux players there would look quite good for their future ports, I guess ;)

+ - Qt goes LGPL

Submitted by Balinares
Balinares (316703) writes "Nokia announces today that the cross-platform Qt toolkit, which is the foundation of many open sources projects such as the KDE desktop environment, will be available under the LGPL license as of the next version, Qt 4.5. The former GPL/commercial dual licensing of Qt had been a source of controversy in the open source community for many years."

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