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Samsung Galaxy Tablet Coming In September 202

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the size-matters dept.
adeelarshad82 writes "The rumors are now reality, Samsung showed the world its first glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the company's new 7-inch tablet. Samsung Mobile will release more information about the Galaxy Tab on September 2 in advance of IFA Berlin 2010. Tab will run on Android 2.2 and feature full Web-browsing and video calling. The information given by the company implied that the Galaxy Tab will sport an HD screen for video, Flash support, support for e-books, possible GPS navigation, and PC linking."

Comment: Unofficial History of Ebonics (Score 3, Informative) 487

by Naked Jaybird (#33345606) Attached to: Justice Department Seeks Ebonics Experts
In Oakland, CA, ebonics originated because some educators were making a point that language was evolving in some communities, and the education system must recognize that the common language young people are speaking is changing. The goal of these educators was to get the educational funding they need to teach these students English and English grammar, not to legitimatize yet another language the California educational system would have to support.

Comment: Re:Slashdot makes my day (Score 1) 143

by Naked Jaybird (#27304039) Attached to: Scientists Reverse Muscular Dystrophy In Dogs
Beautiful. Is this the first time we have had a real overlord on Slashdot? Bow down to me! But seriously, what I have is a single point mutation, so skipping errors is a reason to be optimistic. I do not know if skipping a single point will increase dystrophin in people with Becker's MD, but skipping an error and running execute something else would be the winner. Actually, what I need is a substitution regex.

Comment: Slashdot makes my day (Score 5, Insightful) 143

by Naked Jaybird (#27301259) Attached to: Scientists Reverse Muscular Dystrophy In Dogs
As one diagnosed with Becker's MD, a milder form of DMD, I, for one, welcome my new exon-skipping overlords. For those of you who are wondering if you should go to the gym, run, jog, shoot hoops, or play soccer today. I give you the same advice that I give to my three boys: Run, because you can.

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