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Comment: Re:Further: (Score 1) 704

by NaiveBayes (#46551149) Attached to: Getting Misogyny, Racism and Homophobia Out of Gaming
Thank you, that was a very well written post, and I like how you didn't target any specific group but were emphasising that just because a large group believes something, doesn't mean we we should feel we have no choice but follow their believe. After all, thinking for your self and asking questions about what your receive is key to developing as your own person.

Comment: It's not just about security by obscurity (Score 2) 100

by NaiveBayes (#44518203) Attached to: Consumer Device Hacking Concerns Getting Lost In Translation
Some of the exploits for these vital machines were only discovered by researchers spending months working on it, using multiple labs, and using their researcher status to gain access to information that wouldn't be available to the general public. Should we not at least address the question of whether some of this exploit research is actually creating exploits that otherwise wouldn't have cropped up for years or even decades afterwards? Jaron Lanier pointed out one such developed exploit for pacemakers where the only way to "patch" the lab-uncovered exploit would be invasive and possibly life-threatening surgery on everyone who had implanted one.

Comment: In a way, there's already a Blade Runner TV series (Score 1) 334

by NaiveBayes (#35370618) Attached to: Blade Runner Sequels and Prequels Happening
If anyone here want's to watch a Blade Runner TV series that already exists, check out Total Recall 2070 ( ). Yes, I know it sounds like it's based off a movie of a completely different Philip K Dick work, but in actuality it does it's own thing, but truth is it doesn't base itself heavily off of any of it's source and comes across as it's own thing that feels a lot like Blade Runner (pessimistic future, regular humans trying to figure it all out, weird stuff happening and strange, almost distant, tone to the whole thing etc.) I've only watched one episode though (years ago) so I can't give the best summary.

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