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Comment: Two Products vs. Entire Portfolio (Score 1) 169

by msobkow (#49197247) Attached to: Mozilla: Following In Sun's Faltering Footsteps?

How can you compare a business that has only two real products (Firefox and Thunderbird) to a company that had several iterations of hardware and dozens of software products, as well as service, support, and contracting arms?

Of course Mozilla is on the downslide -- Chrome came along to compete with them, and Internet Explorer was improved, while Safari came into existence. Mozilla still make my browser and email clients of choice, but not all people make the same choice.

And so it should be.

But while Mozilla may be waning in popularity and market share, they are hardly imploding like Sun did. They were never any where near as big nor as important to the industry to begin with!

Comment: Re: Ok then... (Score 1) 192

by circletimessquare (#49195769) Attached to: How Activists Tried To Destroy GPS With Axes

thank you, exactly

stoner philosophy is what we are dealing with here, but because they commit violence, we have to take their "deep thoughts" seriously?

if someone has actual insightful thoughts, they are a strong mind, and they don't resort to violence. if they resort to violence, that's proof we are dealing with a weak mind and mediocre thoughts

Comment: Re:Ok then... (Score 1, Troll) 192

by circletimessquare (#49195153) Attached to: How Activists Tried To Destroy GPS With Axes

if you spout off about sarah connor you're not necessarily highly sensitive and attuned to some great insight into all of our reality that most people don't see. you're just dimwitted and grasping things on the edge of your own personal fuzzy grasp on reality. amazing insights are not partly digested critiques of james cameron movies

it's like taking LSD, and finding yourself transcribing the thoughts of God. when you finally sober up, you find the thoughts of God are: "brain BEZZLED fruit fliesfru ~~ it fli e."

what LSD does is it scrambles and diminishes your consciousness, so mundane things become awesome consciousness spanning phenomena. only because you've temporarily degraded your consciousness to a tiny dim bulb

so: are you really adding to humanity with some amazing breakthrough perception by dropping LSD?

or are you just degrading your perception and intelligence temporarily and only perceiving what seems like a great insight to a temporarily dimmed mind?

now, put aside the LSD, and what if we're dealing with someone's who is honestly just a deluded nut case? that their perceptual powers are weak, and always were weak?

an incredibly sparse exotic few of us are actual great philosophers. and those that are, are not taking axes to satellites. going to violence and force is proof of a weak and dim mind, not a strong and intelligent one

and a distressing large number of us have mediocre thoughts we only think are great philosophies. and then a fringe few have straight up bizarre thoughts, and are happy to commit violent and forceful acts in the name of those ditzy ideas. being a deranged douchebag who thinks of themselves as a great thinker doesn't mean you actually are or that anyone should take you seriously

and even if you are intelligent, say a great programmer or chess player, this does not mean you are necessarily socially intelligent or even socially well-adjusted. so you can have ideas which are laughable to people of average intelligence, but also average social intelligence, more intelligent than your social intelligence. for example, this wackjob:


they're not more sensitive to anything, they're not great thinkers, they're not aware of some amazing powerful insight the rest of us are missing

they're just *crazy*

Comment: Re:Only in the news because he's American (Score 1) 241

by Cederic (#49192711) Attached to: Facebook Rant Lands US Man In UAE Jail

No, it's like hacking US military computers from the UK and the US government bitching for fucking years to extradite you. See also: Gary McKinnon.

Except the UAE didn't even bother to extradite him, they arrested him in the UAE for publishing statements in the UAE - where he was when he published them doesn't alter fact that he published in the UAE. His mistake was going back there. Or maybe going there in the first place.

So no, it's nothing like going to Utah and admiring the scenery.

"Mr. Watson, come here, I want you." -- Alexander Graham Bell