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Comment Re:Autoimmune disorder... (Score 1) 350

And then when someone calls 911 because of a real hostage situation or bomb threat, then people go all up in arms because SWAT was too slow, never mind that they were only checking if the call was legit.

What's scary is how people always overreact, no matter what, and require blood if the outcome doesn't please them, even if everything was done right otherwise.

Comment Re:And A Rebuttal (Score 1) 360

What if the movie is an independent movie with a little to no budget? They are commercial but can't always afford the copyright license? How is school play not a derivative works but a broadway show is?

The real issue here is that we just don't want rich people for profiteering from others without fair compensation while helping less fortunate people to benefit from older works. We want the "assets" (money, copyrights, patents, ...) to trickle down and not up. But how do we decide who is "up" and who is "down"?

Comment Re:How about the nodes (Score 1) 234

Did you read that definition of yours? "Anonymity is the penultimate of privacy" implies that anonymity is a part of privacy, that privacy is a super-set of anonymity. It is not. You can have anonymity without privacy. That's what Tor is. It ensures that nobody can know *who* is doing something. It doesn't prevent one from knowing *what* is being done. One just needs to be the exit node or sit in front of the target server (or anywhere in between those two) to know that "what". If one wants privacy, one should use an end-to-end encryption like SSL.

So yes, I reconsidered my terminology and stand by what I said.

Comment Re:razer synapse (Score 1) 249

Without a reboot, you have only the basic mouse functionalities.
I have a left-handed DeathAdder which has the mouse buttons reversed in hardware ("left-click" is on the right button). But I'm used to left-click with my major and right click with my index so I use the software to revert it. Without the reboot, the buttons are not reversed.

Comment Re:Can people actually tell the difference? (Score 1) 607

And so do digital movies and 3D movies. Yet the movie industry did it. Are those two "improvements" worthier of the expense then increasing the frame rate that supposedly 90% of the population notices?

Moreover, unlike convenience stores, the movie industry isn't fighting to reduce the cost to the consumer as the trend on ticket sale price show. Quite the contrary, they are quite happy to add a gimmick and increases the price as necesary, especially if that gimmick is not available easily on TV making movies more attractive, as again the digital and 3D movies show.

Comment Re:Can people actually tell the difference? (Score 1) 607

If they shot at high speed and didn't add the motion blur when reducing the frame rate, then they got the same effect as in video games.

I haven't seen the studies so maybe I'm talking out of my ass but I follow the news about video games, especially the technical side and from the way people talk about frame rate, while I can believe that 50% of the people can tell the difference between 60 and 70fps in games, I don't think it's much more than that and it would have to be if 50% can tell the differences in movies that have motion blur.

Comment Re:Can people actually tell the difference? (Score 1) 607

I don't have links handy but they aren't terribly hard to find. Most of the population (more than 90%) can tell the difference between 24 and 48. Most (over 50%) can tell the difference on any 10fps jump (i.e. 60fps to 70 fps) up to 80 fps IIRC. Beyond that it starts to dwindle, but there's still a substantial chunk (20ish%) that can tell a 10fps difference at 120fps. By 240fps you reach the point where basically no one can tell the difference between that and anything faster, no matter how much faster (e.g. 240 vs 480 fps benefits basically no one).

We are talking about movies here, not video games. In video games, one notices the framerate because of the lack of motion blur. In movies, with the motion blur, the frame rate is a lot less noticeable. If 90% of the population could distinguish between 24 and 48 fps, the TV and movie industries would have increase that rate a long time ago.

Comment Re:Big questions (Score 1) 148

The impact of missing TRIM depends a lot on your usage. When the FS starts to reuse blocks from delete files, performance starts to go down because the SSD doesn't know that part of the block can be discarded and will have to do extra work to keep that unused part intact (as Bengie explained in more detail in his answer).

So if you mostly use big files, the impact will be negligible because the FS won't use partial blocks very often.
Or if you don't delete files often, the impact will be negligible because there isn't many blocks to partially reuse.

But think of it, if TRIM was added, it's not just for the fun of it, people saw the performance degradation first. Just read the comments on the web before TRIM was added. Just read the benchmarks when the first drives with TRIM came out. Yes some user will never notice it, but that doesn't mean that nobody does and that TRIM isn't useful.

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