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Comment: Re:Settled law in the United States (Score 2) 234 234

Hypothetically... under this law... could I do publish a copyrighted book, verbatim, by encapsulating it in a "fact statement". My book would begin like this: It is a fact that J.K. Rowling wrote the following words "[insert entire Harry Potter novel here"] Is this not publishing a fact, which is un-copyrightable? Why would this not stand up in court?

Comment: Re:Only video sites? (Score -1) 372 372

Can the poster of this article code? "Because nobody uses Flash for navigation"? What BS is that? Flash navigation no sweat. I can code great usable navigation that is SEO friendly using SWF Object. This also means providing ways for people with iPhones and what not. All completely user managed and dynamic and updatable through XML or a CMS. I can also deep link any site so that custom URLs all work within it it, and Google will wonderfully grab all of the content. I can make full screen Flash, hybrid Ajax/Flash, simple Flash components. I can make a Flash site that runs perfectly in all browser for all dimensions. Whatever you want in a comparable development time to PHP-DHTML-JS-MySQL development. You can't blame Flash as a whole or want it to "finally say goodbye" because some people don't know how to code. In the same way you can't blame Ajax or HTML as a whole because people don't know how to code. And in the same way you can't blame Slashdot as a whole because some people make broad generalizations on things they are not qualified to speak about. Get out of the 1990s. Get up to speed with current uses of new and existing technologies.
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+ - "Jihadist James Bond" Sentenced for Websit->

Nadsat writes: "In London, a 23 year-old man was sentenced for 10 years for posting online suicide vest guides and videos of the killings of Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl. He went by the handle "irhabi007," which combines the Arabic word for terrorist and the code name for James Bond. The sentencing judge said he was a danger, even though "he came no closer to a bomb or a firearm than a computer keyboard.""
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At the source of every error which is blamed on the computer you will find at least two human errors, including the error of blaming it on the computer.