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Comment: Arch Linux (Score 1) 211

by NaNO2x (#28788723) Attached to: Keeping Up With DoD Security Requirements In Linux?
I'd recommend checking out Arch, it is a bleeding edge distro that also makes recompilation quite easy. There are a lot of smart people working on it and the documentation is quite good. Arch follows the KISS principle and keeps their repositories fairly light while letting the community handle the masses of programs.

Anyway, I recommend checking it out here:

Comment: Seattle - Home of Depression (Score 2, Interesting) 364

by NaNO2x (#27593293) Attached to: Is Your Mood a Result of Where You Live?
I am from Seattle and it is common knowledge here that weather has a relation to feelings. At one point the city was #1 for depression and it has been shown that this is because of the constant overcast weather. People have taken to sticking their heads in light boxes to relieve the depression.

Anyway, the point of all this is that the article was poorly written and is common sense. Also, it is sunny in Seattle right now and there are probably people who still have their head in a box.

Comment: Not Utilizing T-Mobiles Features (Score 1) 546

by NaNO2x (#25129003) Attached to: Google Unveils First Android Phone
After hearing about the release of the phone I have been saving my discount for I decided to actually call T-Mobile and do some digging. While most of the complaints I have seen here are valid, they wouldn't really stop me from buying this phone today. Unfortunately there are other reasons which have helped with my decision to wait. First off, the Wi-Fi HotSpot service which allows unlimited calls for $10 per month using Wi-Fi is unavailable. This is a huge feature to me considering the amount of time I am around wireless networks and considering the many places that don't have signal but do have Wi-Fi. Since the phone is open source, hopefully this is a feature that can be added after purchase but I will be waiting to see about this. Secondly, my discount that I have been saving for this particular phone doesn't change the price from what a new user would be getting it for. I realize that this is for the pre-order and only prior customers can get it however right now this is a factor. This is one thing I am hoping will change when the phone is open to the public and I will be waiting till then to check back and possibly order. Anyway, I am really excited to see this release but right now it needs to fix a few things before it will really take off and before I will purchase one.
Portables (Apple)

+ - MacBook line to be redesigned

Submitted by NaNO2x
NaNO2x (856759) writes "After only 130 days the MacBook line will be updated again says MacSlice. New changes include the silver MBP cases on the regular MacBooks, biometric readers, and of course upgrades across the board."

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