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Comment: Re:Stopped reading after two big errors (Score 2) 296

by NJRoadfan (#48219931) Attached to: How Sony, Intel, and Unix Made Apple's Mac a PC Competitor
Fun fact: The Powerbook 100 was designed by Sony. Apple gave them a Macintosh Portable and told them to "make it smaller". As for the hard drives, all Powerbook 100 and 500 series (including the 68k based Duos) used 2.5" SCSI drives until the PowerPC models came out. One exception was the PB190, the last 68k computer Apple sold.

Comment: Re:Just keep it off the servers.... (Score 1) 347

by NJRoadfan (#48208113) Attached to: The Classic Control Panel In Windows May Be Gone
I seem to recall Microsoft saying that more installs of Windows Server were of the GUI-less "Server Core" version. Microsoft even boosts about how much more secure it is and that it requires fewer patches. Maybe they are trying to push the rest of the hold outs to Core by adding Metro!

Comment: Re: I don't follow (Score 1) 370

by NJRoadfan (#48185131) Attached to: Apple Doesn't Design For Yesterday
You have to turn off the system wide font smoothing, which in typical Microsoft tradition isn't with the font settings where the ClearType controls are. Go to System > Advanced system settings and uncheck "Smooth Edges of Screen Fonts" under the Visual Effects tab. I also see the color fringing and find ClearType completely unusable with negative contrast text (dark text on a light background). It seems to work better with light text on dark backgrounds as the sub pixels are much less noticeable.

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by NJRoadfan (#48061227) Attached to: Possible Reason Behind Version Hop to Windows 10: Compatibility
This shouldn't be a problem with native applications. The relevant Win32 functions (GetVersionEx and the now deprecated GetVersion) for retrieving the running Windows version doesn't use the strings to begin with.

Looking at the github code strings, its likely something that can be patched/worked around in the JVM.

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