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Comment Re:Better question - Insurance agents (Score 1) 439

A "good" insurance agent can save you money by shopping around providers for the best price and determining the amount of coverage for your needs. If you only need a basic auto policy, chances are you don't need an agent. Once homeowner's insurance and other policy lines come into play, an agent could be helpful.

Comment Re:What they really need (Score 2) 394

Property taxes and housing prices in those "low tax" states are increasing at a pretty good clip. I see it happening around the Triangle region of NC. People move in and want services, so the taxes just keep on going up. Lack of mass transit and low density development leads to housing shortages near job centers and people are commuting from further and further out.

Comment Re:Porsche and Audi DIESEL (Score 1) 494

Before the recently released models subject to this investigation, Audi hadn't sold a diesel in the US market since 1983. Whats funny is the last Audi diesel I came across (a MY81 Audi 4000 5 speed with a MY83 1.6L turbo diesel engine) was apparently an EPA test car for VWoA that they later resold locally.

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