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Comment: Future Information Wars (Score 1) 123

by NCamero (#31713662) Attached to: Navy Wants Cyber Weapons That Shoot Data Beams

Do a search someday on " Information Wars 2025, Air Force". The information is not always for machines. Our soldiers will have protection from nervous system interference. While the 'terrorists' will hear, feel, and see, etc what ever we project onto them. Ever notice how the Slashdot war helmet resembles the tin-foil hat?

Comment: Re:How did they calculate exactly $31 million? (Score 1) 326

by NCamero (#29773765) Attached to: Lockheed Snags $31 Million To Reinvent the Internet, Microsoft To Help

They skipped IP V5, so why not skip V6? IP V7, although alpha is more likely to be adapted than IP V3, or V5. Skipping generations seems the historical precedence. Probably the military had an IP V5, and V3 for internal use that was very secure, and DARPA funds less secure information for us.

Comment: Orange book... (Score 3, Informative) 34

by NCamero (#29507795) Attached to: Making Data Unvanish

Orange book:

You are are a single communication construct. No one outside the circle of trust has any idea what is communicated.

You are in a network (circle) of trust. moving data to each other is logged, and allowed/censored.

A typical LAN with verifiable security.

The internet, a net work of networks. Data can 'vanish', as a function of time/money spent on keeping the data stored.

Read the data security handbook summarized:

Comment: Re:And the UNIX philosophy is... (Score 1) 318

by NCamero (#29328963) Attached to: Meet Uzbl — a Web Browser With the Unix Philosophy

The post about OS-X, is both a "flame-bait", and a noteworthy, free speech comment. Often when moderating and I read such a post, I will use "interesting" which does not penalize the remarkable comment. It would be nice to have the option to mark the post as "flame-bait" but not subtract rating points. "Off-topic" has the same problem.

Comment: Re:Ratio of specific heat capacities (Score 1) 159

by NCamero (#28014511) Attached to: IBM Pushing Water-Cooled Servers, Meeting Resistance

Pumping air is also much worse than pushing water around. Air is a compressible fluid, while water is practically incompressible. Extra energy is wasted at the pressure source (AC), and at the exit, as the air changes volume.

A similar effect from the "canned air" that turns cold when uncompressed. Unless you are pushing that air over your skin while sweating in hot weather, the energy is pure extra waste. You cannot make a can of "compressed water", because it is not compressible.

There are no data that cannot be plotted on a straight line if the axis are chosen correctly.