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Comment: All steps at this point are hard (Score 1) 14

by NCalGal (#18164060) Attached to: Outcome (for this round anyways)
But together you will work thru and take the path you are to take. It will not be easy. Often the best roads (and you surely know mine) are the hardest. Of course he loves you and the puppy. You are a family. Compromise on both sides, hard work and accepting each others happiness will get you thru. I love you Pix your NCALGALPAL forever! (took this post to get me back on here, LOL)
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Journal: Best Mother's Day ever, topped with a poem 2

Journal by NCalGal
I had the most amazing Mother's Day of all.
Started with my teen sons telling me to stay in bed (which was hard for me since I typically get up at 6am, even on weekends). Came in an amazin homemade breakfast: Blueberry pancakes, eggs, bacon, apples and peach/orange juice. Followed by gifts. Starting with a homemade envelope with six different colored bows with the most amazing poem.

JohnDii, tell me what you think...

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Journal: What would u do if you had 9 months left to live? 6

Journal by NCalGal
Two Days ago a friend of mine told me he has cancer and it has spread to his lymphnodes and he has 9 months to live. Three opinions later he still has only 9 months to live. So what would you do?
Clearly he is in shock. He is one of the sweetest people I have ever met, with a huge heart of gold. He is mad at God for good reason. He told me at this time he does not plan to quit his job. So last night I asked him let's say the doctor called and said "OOPS blew it, you really have another 40 yea

Slashdot Design Changes for Wider Appeal 854

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the omg-i-heart-ponies-lol dept.
Our marketing department has done extensive research over the last 3 quarters and discovered that our audience is strangely disproportionately skewed towards males. Like, 98.3% males to be precise. To correct this oversight, we have decided to subtly tweak Slashdot's design and content to widen our appeal to these less active demographics. Don't worry! We'll still continue to serve our core audience, but we hope you'll work with us as we try to find a balance that will work for all.
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Journal: Cognitive maintenance 4

Journal by NCalGal
Do you ever worry about getting on in your years, and getting dementia? Well reading the March/April issue of I was taken by an article called Brain Trainer. A company here in the bay area, is developing a brain fitness program. It is an interesting concept to keep us keen. So in the future when you plan your fitness routines, don't forget physical and mental wo
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Journal: The Moon will be full on Wednesdee

Journal by NCalGal
The moon so wide and bright
Sometimes I cannot bear the light
Just reminded about this weeks upcoming full
Will I see you in the midst of my wool
Children adore and jump at the site of the moon
In this way we are lucky everyday is a soon
The sizes and shapes it shows are a joy to see
What will I think when I see you this Wendnesdee
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Journal: Can any of you read yahoo emoicon lips? 1

Journal by NCalGal
Ever wonder what those emoticons are really saying in yahooIM? Like the guy showing --hold on I'm on the phone--, where the phone is blue? I think he is saying "I am going to go upstairs and tell the boss off right now, and tell him what I really think of him. For crying out loud"

Can any of you read emoicon lips? Any other thoughts here?

User Journal

Journal: BOOM BOOM BOOM & girls choices 5

Journal by NCalGal
So today there is this construction machine banging into the ground next to my office building, they are drilling/banging large poles into this Oakland lot. Well it is sortof a turn on for us girls in the office; it is making the chairs vibrate (I confirmed that I was not alone). So what are we to do?

Option 1) Conduct keggle exercises in rhythm while seated in the chair

Option 2) Go hang out in the ladies room stall and do whatever comes naturally

User Journal

Journal: JohnDiii beloved on this birth day of his

Journal by NCalGal

Today is John's Birthday what can we say?

He delivers us poetry every single day

Yeats, Carver, Goethe, Thomas all quoted greats

None compare to Slash's JohnDiii and all his traits


When at last I see thy love

My heart swells with beats of joy

Wonder and amazement pulse through my veins

All the world could rock but for you.

Oh Poetic John,

User Journal

Journal: Report out on the 2/13 CL bay area w4m posting 4

Journal by NCalGal
390 responses in 7 days
300 not right w/ the basics (like: inappropriate ages, location & such)
90 responses I returned w/ a face photo/additional info
35 back and forths
17 phone calls
10 face to face meetings

Spending today (a beautiful day) on the SF Bay on a 27 ft Catalina w/1 great new friend
1 new lover
User Journal

Journal: Autistic People make us all shine perfectly! 1

Journal by NCalGal
My brother Michael is autistic. Everyday I am blessed that I grew up with him and that I learned that when you are around someone so perfect, that he in fact makes you more perfect. For you learn to be good and kind to all people and that who are especially perfect. I hope some of you are as lucky as me, and can be around someone like Michael or Jason often :)
User Journal

Journal: Social experiment CL posting woman for man 13

Journal by NCalGal
After that weekend I needed something to take my mind off of the IMs and emails from depressed in Virginia. I took an interesting aerial shot of me last week w/ out my face showing. Yesterday I decided to post a CL personal posting for woman seeking man. It has been rumored that woman posting get hundreds of hits. This I confirmed. Of the 300 emails I received these past 30 hours. 70% are inappropriate, out of age range (too young/old), not my type. 30% were possibilities. This seemed like a pre
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Journal: Barely kissed, willing to tell... love life learnings... 27

Journal by NCalGal
Sigh..... OK so my Internet & phone instinct are not so great. Or maybe they are and I simply wanted something and was willing to take a 2600+mile trip 1 day, meet for 2 days, 2600+ mile trip back to find out, if I or we could 'make it happen'. I did find out and WHAM! nada, zip, what was I thinking, coocoo etc... One directional interest and towards me and not from me :( For inquiring learnings: 1) Do ignore your parents phone calls when they call when you are
User Journal

Journal: Plane leaves in 50 hours 4

Journal by NCalGal
So now the fear factors are starting to enter my brain and his. We are no longer meeting at the airport for our first historic meeting. We are going to meet on the boardwalk instead. Oh man Oh man Oh man. I guess this allows for hands in pockets if the chemistry is minimal. Thank God for Southwest frequent flyer miles! How freaken nuts is this? Breath... good man, plays bluegrass, writes songs and poetry, devoted Dad, wears a kilt when celebrating his Scottish roots and well he calls me Darlin (
User Journal

Journal: Longing for something 8

Journal by NCalGal
Off to the East Coast in 4 days. To meet a stranger. How strange is this? We long for someone. I have uncertainty on several angles, but I long. I long for something. I long for something in my heart. Something real and touchable, something scaring yet exciting, something deep yet wonderously simple.

"Well, if you can't believe what you read in a comic book, what *can* you believe?!" -- Bullwinkle J. Moose