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Comment Re:Brought about by the internet? (Score 1) 717

I think he *does* believe it "as an American". The value in question is a strong veneration of the bill of rights.

He can venerate the bill of rights as much as he likes, but that doesn't mean that his being an American inherently means anything in the context of free speech. Americans as a group support plenty of views that contradict the kind of free speech the person I was responding to, and the bill of rights, support. Unfortunately it's a hard thing to have a rational debate about as there's plenty of American's so blindly patriotic that any comment that is less than flattering of their country gets modded to oblivion.

Comment Re:A simple solution (Score 1) 214

Terrorist: "Hi, Bob's business freight courier service? I've got a lead on some test petroleum product I need shipped from the seller's address in Indiana to my office here in Fort Worth, TX. It's all packaged up and ready to ship. Just arrive at the loading dock and use the dock phone to call my number and I'll be down to accept delivery."

Petroleum product meaning standard fertilizer/petroleum mixture so favored for explosives. Office being the target building. And the number he calls from the dock phone will be a call to the trigger.

The point of this is to say that there are so many ways that this can be accomplished today, that it is kind of silly to worry about AVs when the potential exists in a billion different ways today. The key is to catch them before they are ready to call Bob's Courier Service. Once it reaches that level of maturity, from a counterterror perspective, you've failed.

Comment Re: Isn't this thing already deployed? (Score 1) 473

Solider: "You see that that little hut next to the big tree two klicks from our smoke?"
Target disappears in a cloud of smoke, debris, and body parts.
A-10 Pilot: "You mean that one?"

Soldier: "Yes. We saw a family take refuge there after telling us about the guys on the ridge."

Comment Re:Brought about by the internet? (Score 0) 717

As an American, I believe that people should be able to express even the most odious opinions,

But you don't believe it "as an American". Look at typical American opinions of freedom of speech and expression; you might support unrestricted, or nearly unrestricted, freedom of speech but that isn't due to inherently common American values that you share.

Comment Re:Please (Score 2) 195

I have not read the novels so I can not comment on how much of this is George's work and how much is Benioff's and Weiss's idea, but GoT does get worse while the seasons progress and I have the idea that the first series were more George's creation and the later were more Benioff's and Weiss's

The first series sticks quite close to the books, at least compared to the later ones. Theon suffers some pretty disturbing stuff in the books (having fingers flayed, and being left to suffer until the pain is so unbearable that he has to chew them off) which probably wouldn't make it onto TV, in any detail, but it never felt sensationalist or like prime-time BDSM.

Comment Re:What does Science have to say about this? (Score 1) 587

What an obnoxious asshole.

Yes you really are. I'm actually inclined to agree that the experiment design wasn't ideal, clearly it was designed to test whether indicators of WIFI affect people rather than the presence of WIFI itself, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be civil or moderate when discussing it.

Comment Re:If only... (Score 1) 250

I fully accept the logic behind your statements. If I had one doubt about surge pricing it's that I wonder how much it works in practice. I can see why demand would fall quickly, however I think supply is pretty inelastic in short time periods. That driver you speak of would have to cancel plans, drive to the location where surge pricing was happening, and hope it would last long enough that it pays off; in practice I have doubts this happens all that much.

Surge pricing in predictable busy windows or periods announced in advance works, huge price surges at short notice for indefinite periods...

Comment Re:If only... (Score 1) 250

Trains everywhere in Europe I can think of have lower rates outside busy commuting windows; in the UK they are explicitly called off-peak rates. Using ownership to determine 'public transport' is pretty dumb (and incorrect); plenty of countries have buses and trains operated privately and they're still public transport.

Comment Re:One USB port? (Score 1) 435

Ok, so I use a MacBook Pro for my laptop, but Thunderbolt peripherals are sorely lacking last I checked. Anything out there was expensive, or very niche. I'd much rather have 2+ USB ports on one side of my mac than my unused Thunderbolt ports.

The specs are great, but I can't use anything with it.

Comment Re: Yes - known for years. (Score 1) 435

The only thing the MacBook has is 256GB of SSD storage, to the XPS 13's 128GB...i5, i3, to a notebook, they are mostly the same thing...

So the only thing is the storage... and the processor....

the mbp has more ports (hdmi & 2x thunderbolt/mini display port), a more than 50% larger battery, slightly lower screen resolution, but a faster gpu to go with it

the ports... the battery... the GPU...

Don't get me wrong, Macs do have a price premium, but it's not nearly as drastic as you are portraying. I hated macs, until windows 8 came around, and handling/using the machines on display at my local microcenter just sold me on the build quality of the Macs. So I bought a mac, setup a dualboot of windows 8 (I wish I could have done otherwise) and it's the best windows laptop I've ever owned. Check my post history prior to 2013 I was an absolute anti-mac standard PC fanboy. It's just that now that I focused a bit more on the quality of the hardware over individual specs the Mac turned out to be a good choice (Not the best for all) but for me .

Comment Re:Fembots (Score 2) 114

Cooking dinner? I'd rather do that my self for the moment as I like variety, which I don't think a robot would be as good at compared to extremely repetitive cleaning tasks.

Invert it. Robots prepare the food and you cook it. It's pretty damn near what I do now for my dinner. When I lived in DC, I got used to a place called "Let's Dish" it's one of those places where you prepare your meals from a list of recipes each month. You then stick them in your freezer for when you need them. Later the 'cooking' is basically just adding heat/sautéing/baking and you have a full meal in 30 minutes or so. It ends up being cheaper for me because even with the overhead of "Let's Dish" they buy their ingredients in bulk and my meals end up being about $3-5 per serving. I'm not careful enough in my meal planning to beat that.

So what do I mean by invert it? Robots in the preparation, humans do the final cooking. The early work such as chopping, slicing, packing, marinating, sorting are the kinds of mindless timeconsuming portions which seem to be right in line with the type of work a robot could do. The final cooking and cleanup requires much more subjective actions which are suited to humans. Thus invert it and you could have robots prepare your meals except for the final steps.

(Personally I love the make and take places because I always know that a meal has 6 servings, will take 30 minutes from freezer to plate, and keeps me from impulse purchases when in the grocery store)

Comment Re:Do damage to Bitcoin's reputation??? (Score 1) 185

Value in comparison to what, exactly? Where is your proof that Bitcoin scams cause its value to "swing wildly?"

The fact it's value swings widely compared to commodities, major currencies etc is so painfully obvious only a troll or a blind zealot would be dumb enough to argue otherwise.

I doubt it can be proved that 'scams' are why it fluctuates so violently, but that's hardly a good thing for bitcoin. At least if it's lack of stability was down to scams there might be something that could be done about it.

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