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Comment Re:Halter top and a miniskirt (Score 1) 240

There's a difference between authority and authoritarian. I'm all for challenging authority, but we're not going to rapidly move from where we are now to a situation where professors don't have a considerable amount of influence over the success of researchers and students; by all means push for it to be changed, but it doesn't mean we have to tolerate abuse of position in the meanwhile.

You can hold whatever position on dress code you like, and that one seems reasonable to me, but it has no relevance to whether the clothes someone chooses to wear justify them being sexually assaulted. Apparently saying people should be safe from senior staff groping them regardless of what they wear is "flamebait" on /. which is a pretty depressing insight into some posters mentalities.

Comment Re:Too Bad (Score 4, Insightful) 236

It's also a pretty naive position. As things stand the difference between people with ad blockers and without isn't how much they hate advertising, it's how tech savvy they are. If IE came with ad blocking by default then (assuming it worked) it's not like its users would be rushing to turn it off, and it's not like those users suddenly went from loving ads to hating them.

Comment Re:Halter top and a miniskirt (Score -1, Flamebait) 240

If you're the kind of person who will be psychologically traumatized by having your professor acknowledge your sexual attractiveness, I would think that you would be better off wearing something more professional than a halter top and miniskirt to the lab at night.

If you're the kind of person who can't control yourself well enough to avoid touching and/or making sexual remarks about students then perhaps you shouldn't be in a position with authority around students? I thought we'd gotten beyond "slut shaming" / victim blaming women for wearing something more attractive than a hazmat suit but it seems that was naively optimistic.

Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 0) 582

I already understand it unlike you so I don't feel the need to read it again. You'd note if you could get a few braincells together that all my figures were based on total road fatalities. If you'd like to provide some evidence that speed limits in the UK are lower in residential areas than the US feel free, it'd certainly be more useful than your first post here; however, given that 20mph limits are still the exception in the UK, that pedestrian fatalities have been consistently lower in the UK, and that the US also has reduced speed limits in certain key zones you've added nothing so far.

And if you think speeding in the UK is restricted to motorways then you're completely uninformed or delusional.

Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 582

Personally, I'd be all in favour of people campaigning to raise speed limits - nobody EVER does. But to expect, allow, or ignore people breaking a limit is just stupid and a bad precedent to set. And yet everyone thinks that's fine.

No, it's stupid but entirely predictable. There is a large demographic who think speed limits are fine or even too small. There's a large demographic who want to see them decreased. The status quo is political because you can't increase the limit due to one group and can't enforce the current limit due to another group.

It's a bit like drugs like weed. There have been informal policies not to police possession of small quantities for years in some places, but the law can't be changed to make possession illegal because no politician wants to piss off anti-drug voters.

Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 4, Insightful) 582

Two things about this, one, slower vehicles are much easier to avoid for careless kids and two, speed kills, every extra ten miles an hour exponentially increases the likelihood of the pedestrian being killed when hit.

So set speed limits at 10mph, or 5mph, or ban cars entirely if decreasing fatalities is always a justification for decreasing a speed limit, because if it isn't then you need a more credible case.

In the UK the normal speed limit in a residential area is 30mph. 20mph limits in the vicinity of schools are becoming more common. In general UK speed limits are quite relaxed, and especially on non-urban roads policing of moderate speeding is very limited; It is not at all unusual to find traffic averaging 80+mph on UK motorways (interstates) which have a 70mph limit, and you could comfortably do 90mph if traffic is flowing with no real risk of a ticket.

All of this should make the UK a very dangerous place for pedestrians if speed limits alone were a primary driver of road fatalities, but they aren't. The UK averages 3.6 fatalities per billion kilometres driven. The US average (where limits are on average lower) is 7.1, which is effectively double. It seems much more likely that issues like car quality, driver certification, road design, car design etc are far more influential.

Comment Re:"Merely descriptive" not allowed. React will di (Score 1) 204

This is the important point. I'm not sure I like making 'react' a trademark here even though it would only apply to web video, because it seems overly broad and I don't think there's a risk of confusion requiring such a generic trademark; however the real issue is that DMCA take-down requests can, and invariably are, used to take down a huge number of things that the person sending them has no right to restrict.

I'd love to find someone who did some form of reaction video before these guys, and fund DMCA takedown requests for all of Fine Brothers crap to make a point, however given how cozy they are with YouTube I doubt they'd be inconvenienced much.

Comment Re:What could go wrong (Score 0) 405

I have yet to see a piece of equipment that can stand up to repeated freeze/thaw cycles from a New England winter.

Thank god you've thought of snow, I bet everyone involved in these products had completely forgotten that water existed and wasn't even aware that it could freeze! /sarcasm

Just out of interest where in France is New England, because I have to assume you are that self-centric that you have to bring up areas relevant with you even when they have fuck all to do with the area being discussed?

Comment Re:What could go wrong (Score 1) 405

Also, there can't be any traffic on the road because vehicles will block the sunlight, greatly reducing the amount of electricity generated.

Although /. comments are without doubt the most valuable thing on here sometimes I have to wonder when ignorant half though out criticism like this is what we end up with. It takes a very very modest intellect to appreciate that outside of very busy highways the % of time when there is a car over any particular bit of road is a tiny fraction. Even if a road was virtually constantly busy at 50mph you'd have around 60-90% of the road uncovered due to gaps between cars. Take a road that has say 50 cars an hour, not even that quiet for a non-primary road and the road would be uncovered for 99.995% of the time.

I'm sure there are lots intelligent questions about this that it would be interesting to know the answers to, ones about cars blocking light are not one some of them.

Comment Re:The whole Wikimedia Foundation needs to disband (Score 1) 104

You don't half come across as an apologist for these firms. Unless you were intimately involved in the case then you don't know why they settled so quickly, and frankly settling doesn't seem to have saved them much in terms of PR so if you think that was their intent then you clearly don't think they're that smart. The companies could easily have afforded the lawsuit so the expense issue is a non-excuse to begin with, and if what they were doing was in no way holding back pay then why bother? Why would someone from Google who was being paid fairly for their job be tempted to move to Apple based on an approach if Apple were going to pay them the same amount? There's no answer that makes sense (and before you say maybe they wanted to work for Apple; it should be pretty obvious that if they did then they'd contact Apple rather than waiting to see if Apple contacted them).

Comment Re:The whole Wikimedia Foundation needs to disband (Score 1) 104

In that circumstance if you follow the order you're only going to get shot if the people who gave you the orders lose; which is exactly why that circumstance is so wrong. Even knowing that you'll be held accountable if your side loses isn't a disincentive, so you're you're punishing people whose only alternative was execution. You can bet that if the Japanese had somehow won WWII they'd have had everyone involved in the nuclear bombing executed for war crimes, so the lesson appears to be don't be born on the side that might lose a major conflict...

In this case it however that all seems rather irrelevant. The worst thing that could have happened here if Arnnon had some principles is he'd have had to have found a high paying job somewhere else instead.

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