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Comment Re:Amazing (Score 2) 492

Most laws he will try to pass probably will get vetoed by Congress or the Senate (forget who vetoes who) and when they try to pass laws, he's veto them because that is the sort of asshole he is.

"Congress" is made up of the Senate (2 reps per state), and the House of Representatives (Reps dependent on state population).

Pres gets to suggest new laws to congress. Congress can choose to vote or drop it on the floor.
If a bill passes congress, the pres can veto. If the bill is vetoed, Congress can overrule with 2/3 majority in both houses.
If a bill is passed into law, Supreme Court finally has the power to review and deem it unconstitutional.

Comment Re:Amazing (Score 1, Offtopic) 492

Of course you might. There's nothing like America for single-issue voting.

"Well, yeah, he's a complete idiot, and he'll plunge our country into a new depression, and half the population will starve to death, and the other half will eat them to stay alive, but there might be a few more jobs for American tech workers at the end of it!"

"It's people. Soylent Green is made out of people!"

Comment Re:No compelling evidence? (Score 1) 663

OK, answer me this: How much does a Calorie (kilocalorie) weigh? How much weight do I lose if I burn one kilocalorie, or under which conditions?

(Btw, if you're referring to food Calories, it's always a capital C, or preferably just call it kilocalorie.)

"old science" was something along the lines of 3,500 kcal in a pound (2.2 kg) of fat. However, some quick googling seems to indicate that this statement is being viewed as (partially) false nowadays, due to the way that weight-loss tends to taper off as you lose weight; though I cannot really find any specifics as to what the "new science" actually is.

My bet is that it's a ploy by nutritionists, etc. to get you to pay more into the system (i.e. because "we're keeping the actual data secret"), rather than have something that anybody can work with -- like the "3500 kcal is the stored energy in 1 pound of fat" statement. Suppose a good way to test it would be to grab a pound of fat (say lard or tallow or something) and burn it and calculate the energy release.

IIRC (and got the napkin maths right), you should be able to raise 350 L (approx 10 US gallons) 10 degrees C while at sea-level (i.e. one atmosphere air pressure), so it should be a pretty easy test. Though I fully admit the fallibility of my napkin maths .

Comment Re: Are all U.S. Laws enforced in the U.K.? (Score 1) 125

I wonder how much of a chance there is those times come back...

The ultimate step to controlling reality is to erase all evidence of a reality that contradicts the one you desire, to the point where even those harmed by the changes you promulgate will prefer your version to a conflicting one

Anyone who does that are desperados, and in the current era we live in, many entities - from humongous entity such as the government of the United States of America to that pitiful UK news rag joint are trying everything they can to erase the reality

They think they can hide the truth?

They think they can keep on repeating their bold face lies until they become truth?

What are they thinking?

That MiniLuv and MiniTrue will actually start doing their jobs, and the populace at large will simply be grateful for their chocolate rations to be increased to 25 grams per week (some of us realizing that last week our ration was 40 gra -- &^#$#)@!*$ NO CARRIER

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