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Comment Re:Just a nit pick.... (Score 2) 387

You understand that ethanol is an indirect petroleum derivative right? That whole game was a means whereby one might shore up corn farmers. The only real difference between gas and ethanol is that in the case of the latter you have to first dump the petroleum onto the ground.

As for the rest, you're basically just describing logistics and driver talent. Maybe you can call it engineering, but it isn't what comes to most people mind.

Comment Re:Sure guys (Score 1) 239

You're absolutely right. We should give rights over everything to countries like {fill in your favorite third-world nation}. That way we can have these untapped resources dangling, tauntingly, right in front of the noses of everyone that could actually exploit them. Meanwhile {fill in your favorite third-world nation} can continue to battle out their civil wars and skirmish with their neighbors over petty concerns and scarce resources found floating in abundance over their heads.

Comment Re:Linux (Score 1) 109

Behind the closed source drives are a lot of IP, some of which are on license from a third-party. It's not quite so easy as to say "be free" and all source be revealed. This means that for the RMS types out there, they have to reinvent the wheel. Of course to reinvent that wheel, you have to have the knowledge to do so as well as the time and motivation. To date the stars required to make that happen have never come in alignment. Probably never will.

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