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Submission + - Getting into Windows Vista/7's SuperFetch

Mystiq writes: I've been using Windows XP for a very long time and jumped into the Windows 7 beta rather quickly to see if any of the hype surrounding it was true. As it were, I've been using it ever since Microsoft offered it to the public. One feature from Vista/7 that I wanted to see was SuperFetch. Shortly after getting 7, I built myself a new machine with 8 GB of RAM and delighted in watching SuperFetch suck up varying amounts of memory. As of this writing, roughly 700 MB is unused. It bothered me many times, though: which exact files are being cached by SuperFetch? What pieces of what programs? Code sections? I first got to thinking it would be really neat if you could at least see SuperFetch's cache table. From that, you can try to fathom letting users set custom rules for SuperFetch, such as always load this program at 8 PM and unload everything else. Are there any programs out there that make either of these possible? Were these ever considered to be features? I can't be the only one that would delight in setting custom rules for SuperFetch, completely overriding it. Being able to switch SuperFetch between automatic, manual or some kind of automatic assisted mode where you could alter the caching rules it sets would be awesome.

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