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Bluetooth Lawsuit 87

Krish writes "The Seattle Times reports that a local Washington state group is suing cellphone makers for patent infringement on bluetooth devices. Research conducted by a University of Washington undergraduate more than a decade ago has become the subject of a lawsuit filed against some of the largest cellphone manufacturers in the world. The suit claims that consumer electronics giant Matsushita and its Panasonic unit, as well as Samsung and Nokia, are infringing on four patents sold under the 'Bluetooth' name."
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Journal Journal: [house] Visitor in the yard 5

For the past two nights, my wife and I have seen a fox in the backyard. He comes between 10:30 pm and 11:00 pm, and he seems to be interested in the birdseed my wife tosses for the birds (I know they like blackberries, but I didn't think they liked sunflower seeds too). I lit him up with a Maglite this evening, and it didn't appear to bother him until I moved from one window to another. Then, he took off over the ridge at the edge of the backyard.

Wish I could see him during the day...

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Journal Journal: Explosions & Fireworks too 12

It's time for the annual 'Pixie's New Years Redneck Adventures', 2006 edition.

You may remember fireworks shenanigans last year -- this year we had our explosions just a wee bit early.

In fact, it turns out that I indirectly saved several lives - including my own. I'm really, really happy about that.


Submission + - David Harris Drops Pegasus Mail

icebike writes: David Harris, the New Zealand developer of Pegasus Mail has announced he's calling it quits. The Pegasus Email client and Mercury Email server which have been under active development since the 80s have seen their last release.

Aways a secure product (on a scale of one to Outlook) Pegasus had a faithful following world wide, but a small share, and insufficient funding for it to continue.

From the announcement page at David announces
  "It has been a privilege to be of service to the Internet Community for such a long period of time — I am only sorry that I am not able to continue doing so."

Always a class act, Harris gave away Pegasus. If you wanted to help fund the development you could buy manuals. His product did not contain any annoying advertising, and handled Pop and Imap elegantly with a simple clear interface.
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Submission + - Immigrants Behind 25 Percent of Startups

cxbrx writes: "AP is reporting "Immigrants Behind 25 Percent of Startups." TFA covers a report by Duke University Executive-in-residence, Vivek Wadhwa that is due out on Thursday, 1/04/2007. The South Asian Journalists Association (SAJA) Forum has a short preview from Vivek Wadhwa. Funding organizations like the NSF get quite a bit of pressure from Congress about funding only students who are US Citizens, even though many foreign born students who attend US universities end up staying, creating start ups and gaining citizenship."

Submission + - SCALE Announces Conference On Women in Open Source

irabinovitch writes: The Southern California Linux Expo announces plans to host a 'Women In Open Source' Mini-conference. The goals of the conference are to encourage women to use technology and open source and free software, and to explore the obstacles that women face in breaking into the technology industry. The audience will be those women who may have an interest in technology, but hesitate to get into it because they believe it's a male-only club. The conference will be held in conjunction with the Fifth Annual So Cal Linux Expo. The Women in Open Source mini-conference will be held February 9th, 2007 at the Westin LAX Hotel.

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