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Comment Re:Try the 120e (Score 1) 601

I have to agree with you... I also opted to let the wife have the fancy flip top phone with the neat-o features and I was a gentleman and took the cheap-o motorola 120e. I just plug my phone in the car power adaptor when I drive to and from work and its always fully charged, in fact I've long since mis-placed the outlet charger but thats okay ...never used it except the 1st day I brought it home. My wifes phone is always on the charger at home and everytime I call her she has to cut it short because she is nearly out of charge. I have dropped my phone umpteen times and still no problems with it. My buddy at work just got on verizon after problems with his previuos carrier and he ended up with a flimsy-ass cheap blue plastic thing with what looks like a childs toy walkie-talkie antenna ...personally I'd be embarrased to carry it. Is Verizon still offering the 120e? ...if they are he just got screwwd.

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