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Comment: Re:Inkscape is awesome... but... (Score 1) 134

by Mystery00 (#48966763) Attached to: Inkscape Version 0.91 Released

Here in Australia I noticed something interesting going into Woolworths (one of the biggest food markets here) and that is that their new logo is a slightly different shade of green on different packages / signs, sometimes darker, sometimes a little lighter.

I admit it's not a big deal, the problem comes mostly from colours changing completely, for example getting a decent looking red colour is an incredible pain because when it's off it turns into orange or yellow or brown (definitely do not want).

I'm not a master printer, in fact I only know the basics and leave the rest up to the print shop, but I do know that with CMYK and a somewhat calibrated monitor you can get to that "close enough" stage, but with RGB you really have no idea if your blue will suddenly turn into purple.

+ - Court: Open Source Project Liable For 3rd Party DRM-Busting Coding->

Submitted by Diamonddavej
Diamonddavej (851495) writes "TorrentFreak reports a potentially troubling court decision in Germany. The company Appwork has been threatened with a 250,000 Euro fine fine for functionality committed to its open-source downloader (JDownloader2) repository by a volunteer coder without Appwork's knowledge. The infringing code enables downloading of RTMPE video streams (an encrypted streaming video format developed by Adobe). Since the code decrypted the video streams, the Hamburg Regional Court decided it represented circumvention of an “effective technological measure” under Section 95a of Germany’s Copyright Act and it threatened Appwork with a fine for "production, distribution and possession" of an 'illegal' piece of software."
Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:What's worse (Score 1) 335

by Mystery00 (#43838233) Attached to: Eric Schmidt: Teens' Mistakes Will Never Go Away

Actually it won't be long from now that the young adults that were the first Facebook users become bosses themselves, or are already (average Facebook age is ~30). It's possible those new bosses won't care about the dumb stuff kids do on the internet just as they wouldn't want their own dumb internet shenanigans to effect their own careers.

I think bosses that grew up on the internet are more forgiving of a lot of things.

Comment: Re:Usability (Score 3, Insightful) 158

by Mystery00 (#42976843) Attached to: Blender 2.66 Released

Saying 's is not "discoverable" is the same as saying a jet plane's cockpit controls aren't "discoverable". This is a tool for PROFESSIONALS, the only thing they care about is speed, efficiency (time is money) and functionality. If it takes an hour to learn something but then takes 5 minutes to DO something, that is better for a professional than being able to learn something in 5 minutes but then take an hour to actually do your work.

People complaining about Blender's UI are usually kids who jump on the "bad UI" bandwagon because they can't figure out how to make the next Pixar movie in half an hour.

The UI of Blender is very well thought out, for the people that actually use it, and those people are more important than the ones that are still figuring it out. If you want to "discover" how to use it, read the manual, tutorials and learn how 3D production works.

Comment: Re:It still has a long way ahead (Score 1) 126

by Mystery00 (#41504051) Attached to: Blender Debuts Fourth Open Source Movie: <em>Tears of Steel</em>

You sir, are full of it; first of all shadows/HDR issues (if there are any, this could just be stylised) have absolutely zero to do with Blender itself but with the renderer they were using. Second of all Blender being hard to use is a detestable myth and even between the people that think that way it's still universally accepted that once you learn the workflow Blender is one the most efficient and fast, if not the fastest, programs on the market to work with.

Colour me unimpressed by your erroneous arguments.

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