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Comment Re:The basic question is answered...but still... (Score 1) 310

The field wouldn't exists without government grants for the research.

Are you suggesting that only private industry should be allowed to fund research? That would mean only research that could result in profits would be funded. That can't possibly be what you're saying, but considering your other notions, I can't rule out the possibility that's what you think.

Comment Re:The basic question is answered...but still... (Score 3, Insightful) 310

Technically, the climate scientists are the "friends" here, of the politicians who have latched onto this as the latest excuse to take your money and give it to their friends.

Wait. Let me try to wrap my head around this argument. You're saying that global warming is an excuse for politicians to steal our money so they can give it to climate scientists? Because climate scientists are their buddies?

I'm speechless. Gobsmacked. Utterly bereft of words to express the stupidity of this argument.

Let me read what you wrote again, in case I missed something and have got it wrong:

Technically, the climate scientists are the "friends" here, of the politicians who have latched onto this as the latest excuse to take your money and give it to their friends.

Nope. That's what you said. I think I need to sit down. This level of stupidity is giving me vertigo.

Comment Re:Economics is a social science (Score 1) 310

Some economists can very accurately be called scientists because they use the scientific method and economics is quite properly categorized as a social science.

If this is enough for you to say Economics is a science, then it is the softest science of all. Parapsychology (and I'm absolutely serious about this), is based more on data and scientific rigor than economics. Psychology is many times more rigorous than Economics. Fucking Gender Studies is more rigorous and data-based than Economics.

I'm guessing you don't actually know any real economists.

I am probably the only Slashdot user who has actually taken a course from Milton Friedman. My views on the pseudoscience of Economics is based on 30 years experience having economists as colleagues, friends, neighbors and lunchmates. I have played in a weekly poker game with economists. I lived next door to a Nobel-nominated economist for years back in Chicago. I watched Superbowl XLI with him and had to explain what it means to arbitrage a point spread that has moved 10 points.

Plus, if you read any Economics articles, you will find that their math is very unimpressive, and even suspect.

Comment Re:And, will the Martians stop driving? (Score 2, Interesting) 310

And, since we know Mars and Venus are also getting warmer, it must be the Martian's fault.

If I'm getting warmer because of a fever, and the chicken breast in my oven is also getting warmer, they must be related or neither is really getting warmer. CHECKMATE AL GORE!

Delete your account you stupid fuck.

Comment Re:The basic question is answered...but still... (Score 2, Funny) 310

Take money away from the people who earned it so we can spend it on ourselves and our friends. Obviously.

Yes, that's what climate scientists are trying to do. They want to take your money and give it to their friends.

It must be a burden for you to have such brilliant insights in the face of all the stupid, stupid scientists.

Comment Re:If it's "settled", it ISN'T "science" (Score 1) 310

Actually, smoking leading to lung disease is a religion. A small portion of life lpng smokers will ever get lung disease but a large portion of people with lung disease smoked and signs point to unique qualities associated with lung diseases caused by smoking.

There are even sets of people and genetic markers identified that will not show negative effects of smoking at all in the lungs.


Comment Re:The basic question is answered...but still... (Score 5, Funny) 310

you need to hire economists

Absolutely not. Economists are not scientists. They are data-free advocates for a world-view. They're the last people you want around any discussion of solutions to a problem.

Better to have parapsychologists than economists. At least the parapsychologists have a little bit of rigor in their discipline.

Comment Re:Laughing myself out of the room (Score 2) 507

Automatic transmission is in the minority. Though they are becoming more popular.

They were seen as an unnecessary expense. Both in terms of less fuel efficiency, and because of maintenance cost. And also some drivers prefer the feeling of being in control...

If you pass a test with a manual (stick shift) then you are covered for automatics too. If you pass with an automatic, you are only licensed for automatics.

Comment Re:The technical problems with this are immense. (Score 1) 341

In the first case, not that serious aside from processing power. In the second case, so many technical problems that it took in inflation adjusted dollars more than 20 billion dollars and http://www.brookings.edu/about/projects/archive/nucweapons/manhattan and even after that most countries still can't do. In the third case, lack of understanding of aerodynamics and lack of efficient combustion engines. In the last case, they were actually moving in that direction. The real problems that slowed it down were metallurgy and quality control.

For a site supposedly for nerds the nerds sure are short sighted when it comes to technology

I think you are missing the point here. My comment was to not say that this is impossible, but exactly what I said: the technical problems are immense. If he can get over them, that's great, but it is worth appreciating how difficult this is likely to be.

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