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Comment: Re:Just be prudent although... (Score 0) 23

I'm not posting this AC, and will take the karma hit off need be.

So with that, let me say that I hope you die of some horrible cancer that makes you smell like rancid cat shit, so awful that your own mother hopes you die, but you don't, and just linger on, more foul and corrupted with each passing day, becoming as vile and repugnant on the outside as you are on the inside.

Comment: Re: More like a diversion for more H-1B (Score 1) 120

by dryeo (#49553569) Attached to: Think Tanks: How a Bill [Gates Agenda] Becomes a Law

FYI, no other country, including India, allows foreign IT workers to create a glut and reduce the value of their own workers

Canada does lately. MS built a campus here in Vancouver, got a lot of tax breaks and then announced that less then 20% of employees would be Canadian. Sounds like it is basically a back way in to the States for E. Indian workers.
Shit we even bring in McDonalds workers through our equivalent of H-1B visas. Got to keep that cup of coffee at a $. Actually employers really seem to like the power of having foreign workers, they have to work at one place and can be easily deported and are happy to work weird shifts for minimum wage.

Comment: Re:But aren't corporations people now? (Score 1) 36

by smitty_one_each (#49553349) Attached to: Hillary is still going to be our next president, isn't she?
It's more like when you know somebody dying to die by a needle and run out of energy trying to talk them out of their nihilism.
The courts have shown their corruption, overturning voters across the country. It is left for me to raise my sons with a proper understanding, irrespective (and disrespective) of what some liars say.

Comment: Re:So, Microsoft is a social leech! (Score 1) 97

by dryeo (#49553087) Attached to: Microsoft Increases Android Patent Licensing Reach

Actually the "B" scenario is quite common, the technology gets to the point where something is possible and multiple inventors invent the same thing. the classic example was the telephone, due to speakers and microphones being new tech, people put them together to make a telephone. One day two inventors showed up at the patent office, first Elisha Gray whose application went into the inbox at the bottom, hours later, second, Bells partner who demanded that his application get processed right away. So Bell ended up with the patent and went on to form a famous monopoly based on that master patent (along with some vacuum tube patents later). If Gray had been more aggressive things may have ended different but the fact is that they both independently invented the telephone (along with another IIRC who tried to file later that week) because it was time.

Comment: Re:Do they charge patent royalties for Windows Pho (Score 1) 97

by dryeo (#49553013) Attached to: Microsoft Increases Android Patent Licensing Reach

It's a patent so you can't just reverse engineer it unlike if it was only copyrighted. Even if you totally independently invent it, you can't use it due to MS patent. This is one of the problems with patents, sometimes it is just time for an invention and whoever gets the patent wins. Phones were a good example, the technology was there and one day two different inventors showed up at the patent office (with another that week) to patent the phone. First one got the patent which led to the AT&T monopoly.
MS didn't actually patent the Office file formats as far as I know, probably due to not themselves knowing how they work or perhaps they weren't patentable at the time.

Comment: Re:Do they charge patent royalties for Windows Pho (Score 1) 97

by dryeo (#49552939) Attached to: Microsoft Increases Android Patent Licensing Reach

Actually Robertson screws are a good example of a superiour product that didn't catch on (at least in the States, they've always been common in Canada) due to licensing. P. L. Robertson refused to license manufacturer to most everyone including Henry Ford who found using Robertson screws cut a couple of hours off building a Model T so Ford used Philips instead, at least in America.
I curse every time I deal with a Philips and smile when using a Robertson.

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