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Comment Re: Toilet paper and timber? (Score 1) 257

By softwood do you mean the traditional softwood equals conifer or referring to species such as the various Poplar that have softwood?
Either way, an inch or two growth of girth per year is pretty impressive. Are they pollacking (cutting the top of and allowing it to grow back) them?

Comment Re:Three Seashells (Score 1) 257

It has been a long time since I've done silviculture but if I remember, we'd plant at 8ft which is 300 trees an acre and thin them down to 12ft which is 200 trees per acre.
To measure, you'd take random plots, eg throw a weighted flag into the air and wherever it landed, take a piece of rope to measure a circle and count the trees in the plot, repeat after going in a pre-chosen direction x distance (important to be random rather then the easy route). I forget the length of rope but it worked out to the radius of a 100th of an acre so easy to work out how many trees per acre.
Tree growth is going to depend on a lot of things (soil, altitude, type of tree etc) so hard to have a standard chart

Comment Re:Not a Sex Offender's Register (Score 1) 241

Until you are taken in front of a Judge and formally charged with a crime, the State should not be able to hold you excepting the reasonable time it takes to be put in front of a Judge, 72 hours is often considered that reasonable time.
Upon being charged with a crime, the Judge can order that you are kept in jail or released with conditions pending trial. For murder, the Judge is likely to order that you are kept in jail or if released, there will be a large bail condition as well as other conditions.
If charges are dropped, then you are released. Otherwise eventually, in a reasonable time, there is a trial and found guilty or acquitted. If acquitted you are released and your records should be locked up or destroyed.
Note that even if accused of murder, you are allowed to roam the street freely until charged and brought before a Judge on those charges and if the prosecution decides to drop the charges, perhaps due to lack of evidence, you are once again free to roam the streets. The point is that it takes a Judge to order your freedom to be removed, a simple accusation is not enough, at least in a free country.

Comment Re:If we want to speak truth (Score 1) 64

I'm for equality amongst equal things. I guess if you're a nihilistic fool, an anus is equal to a vagina. And I do, from a libertarian perspective, support the right of nihilistic fools to do whatever it is they do. Where equality fails around here is that I am not afforded an equal opportunity to disagree with nihilistic foolishness.
No, we have to engage in name-calling ("bigot"), bullying, and browbeating in an effort to get me to accede to the nihilistic foolishness.
Would that the idea of "tolerance" actually meant something.

Comment Re:100% Consensus among scientific organizations (Score 1) 321

Canada, where any work done by the government is owned by the crown and under the Queens copyright. Copyright is purely statutory here with no mention in the Constitution and traditionally the people have had access to anything under the Queens copyright with perhaps a reasonable fee for a copy.
This government, which is very authoritarian and controlling (voted in on a ticket of openness of course) has decided to keep government science under wraps, mostly environmental and climate science and one of the ways that they have done that is by claiming IP secrets and it seems that crown copyright actually does not run out unless the government makes an effort. By keeping data on stuff like the arctic sea ice data closed, and your Congress insisting only on open data, a bunch of science is taken out of the picture.
Of course this government is owned by the oil industry as well

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 142

Doing that for eternity is probably what hell is really about. Heaven has to be even better.

Except you're the Supreme Being, so you can fix all the bugs in MGSV and Arkham Knight and pwn all the noobs (though I understand Michael the Archangel is internationally ranked on Splatoon).

And, you can change it up any time you want. Have the hot chicks with snacks come at 10am and answer prayers in the evening if you want. Play Xbox One instead of Playstation. Have spicy wings instead of pizza. Do whatever you want because you're the Supreme Being, dammit.

I still don't see what God would have to be so pissed about that He feels the need to send disease and pestilence to humans who didn't ask to be created, after all.

Comment Re:monogomous relationships (Score 1) 142

If two homosexuals were in an exclusive, monogomous relationship, they wouldn't have to worry about HIV in the first place.

It makes you wonder why anyone would oppose gay marriage, doesn't it? Like that goofball from Kentucky, says God doesn't want her to do her job and fill out the form in the county clerk's office so gay people can get married, and it turns out she's been divorced three times. Fucking hell. You have to wonder about people who read about Christ in the gospels and come away thinking, "I'm gonna go fuck over some people." I don't know what goddamn gospels they've read, but the only people that Jesus was pissed off at were capitalists who were doing business at the temple and he laid some whupass on them. Other than that, Jesus was pretty chill.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 142

Not sure why people think that a supreme being should be warm-and-fuzzy. If you were a supreme being, would you be warm and fuzzy? Not that we should make any god in our image...

On the other hand, if 9/10 [] people believed in something (like global warming) and you didn't want to believe in it because it didn't make you feel warm and fuzzy, would you be a denier? Just food for thought, OK?

First, we were supposedly made in God's image and fuck yeah I'd be warm and fuzzy. Why would I be pissed off if I'm the supreme being? What would possibly be worth getting pissed about?

I'd answer prayers from 10-11am every day, have some lunch and then play Playstation 4 for the rest of the day until beer-thirty and then maybe call up some hot chicks and tell them to bring snacks. Why wouldn't I be warm and fuzzy?

Seriously God, why all the anger?

If it wasn't for Newton, we wouldn't have to eat bruised apples.