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Comment: Re:To the cloud! (Score 1) 173

by Myrrh (#42866231) Attached to: Citizenville: Newsom Argues Against Bureaucracy, Swipes At IT Departments

Interesting. So are you saying that if a person's last name ends with the letter "s", that person needs an apostrophe in his last name?

For example, Brian William's?

Bartles and Jayme's?


So if you're talking about one of these people being in possession of something, would you say "Brian William's's hooch" ?


+ - BOINC exceeds 2 teraflop barrier 1

Submitted by
Myrrh writes "Though an official announcement has not yet been made, it would appear that for the first time, the BOINC project as a whole has exceeded two teraFLOPS performance. According to last month's Top500 list of supercomputers, BOINC's performance is now beating that of the fastest supercomputer, RoadRunner, by a factor of about one-third. Not too shabby!"

You know, Callahan's is a peaceable bar, but if you ask that dog what his favorite formatter is, and he says "roff! roff!", well, I'll just have to...