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Comment Re:Yeah...... Elon just wants Johnny Ives. (Score 1) 428

Material design is Android, not iOS, and therefore nothing to do with Johnny Ive.

As for Don Norman, I read his "Invisible Computer" when it came out. A very good read, and very believable prediction on the way that mobile devices were going to develop. However, it was completely wrong. He predicted people would have a multitude of single purpose mobile devices. And instead they have a single device that does everything.

Comment Re:Be insainly great. (Score 1) 428

Sure. People go into Apple Stores with a device that's often not even within warranty, and most of the time they'll leave again with a working device, having had a bunch of time from an expert, and pay nothing.

e.g. My boss took his iPhone in on Friday. Siri wasn't working. It turned out one of the 3 microphones was broken. They replaced the screen, which presumably has the microphone as a part. Even though it was out of warranty, they charged him nothing, and fixed it on the spot. You don't get that from any other manufacturer.

Sure, you pay more for Apple products. And they are worth every penny.

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