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Comment Re:ham radio (Score 1) 368 368

How about you make it ham radio -- use FCC regulations to prohibit the piloting of radio controlled aircraft on anything other than available ham bands. There are already transmitters and receivers used for exactly that purpose on the 70cm band, and FCC regulations require the remote station to be identified and to carry the callsign of the operator in the signal (usually via on-screen-display video signal).

So license information is required to be both on the drone itself and trackable via signal. No need to register the drone any more than you register a radio, it just needs to be operated by a licensed operator.

Comment Re:Shoot them (Score 1) 268 268

Don't get me wrong -- I shoot XTC high power, CMP, IDPA, etc. I'm pretty familiar both with the types of gun owners found in a club environment and those that just saunter up to the counter at Cabella's hoping the clerk can give them good advice. I'm pretty sure there are far more gun owners in category B than in category A. I like to hang out with the category A folks but I'm not fooling myself that they represent the majority compared those who buy a shotgun because "I won't have to aim much if I need to use it" while shooting it down a 4yd hallway (2-4" pattern) and never shoot it, or who keep a 28" over-under loaded with birdshot when it's not out taking ducks.

Comment Re:That was my initial reaction (Score 1) 818 818

Would you feel the same way if Google decided to block links to websites that might be viewed as offensive? I mean, even real ones like stormfront, the new black panthers, etc. How about if they prevented google fiber customers from accessing those websites? Still good?

Comment Double standard pandering (Score 2) 818 818

Ok, so "Confederate Flag" brings zero results but "Nazi Uniform" pulls up exactly that. And that's OK. I don't want retailers being the morality police and more than I want my ISP to block content it doesn't agree with.

If I want a small Confederate Flag for a historical display, or a re-enactment, or other event these retails think I shouldn't be able to get it? That's crap.

Comment Successes/Opportunities (Score 1) 1067 1067

I work in performance management and often we do a successes/opportunities calculation. Often when there are zero opportunities, that is a good thing ("Number of server crashes resolved without user impact"). We do not want 0/0 to evaluate to a 0% success rate, that should default to a 100% success rate because there were no failures to unsuccessfully respond to.

Comment Sure (Score 1) 60 60

A quadcopter can fly a route that is preprogrammed for each type of airframe. As long as it is able to index off a defined point for each aircraft, it should be able to fly to each key inspection area and take exactly the same photo from exactly the same angle every time. Those photos can then be processed by computer to compare differences between thousands of nearly identical samples to determine a variance metric, which can help a human worker prioritize the images for review and referral to a ground inspector. Otherwise the computer inspector is going to be looking at lots of nearly identical pictures so any difference should stand out like a sore thumb.

Comment Enablers of disengagement (Score 2) 150 150

Every new teaching tool that comes along is used as an excuse by many parents and other adults to spend less time engaged with children. The advent of television and educational programming has allowed at least two generations of parents to feel better about letting their television raise their kids.

The changing expectations of the scope of responsibility public schools have in raising children has allowed parents to disengage, believing that it's someone else's job to talk to their kids, to counsel them, to provide good examples.

Now we have the false premise that better access to technology is going to solve the same problems that haven't been solved by all the other parental surrogates that haven't worked before.

Meanwhile, kids who have more accessible and better engaged parents continue to do better in school despite the best efforts of less available and disengaged parents to fill that gap with money, objects and government.

Comment No keychain, only one key (Score 1) 278 278

I have no keychain -- I use my car key when I drive, it has lock and unlock on it. No housekey, I use Schlage keypad locks on all doors. I carry a flashlight and leatherman in my left pants pocket and a folder clipped to my right. I rarely have need of a memory stick.

I also don't use a wallet -- cards, license, cash, etc. just live in my front right pocket.

Comment Which way is it? (Score 2) 170 170

He fired up 10 concurrent streams of a Game of Thrones episode and found only 29Mbps of connection being used

Yet 25Mbps is the MINIMUM standard of broadband -- because being able to stream only 8 streams of Game of Thrones at one time is indistinguishable from dial up, from a regulatory perspective.

Comment Easy and misleading (Score 1) 482 482

This isn't hard to do -- it simply means that the company will eliminate all jobs making less than $70k and supplement with contracted individuals and companies. It's easy to say that you would pay janitors $70k a year if you don't actually employ any janitors (and wouldn't employ any janitors because you don't want to pay $70k for them).

Comment No new treatments? (Score 5, Informative) 23 23

Pharmaceutical research for neuropsychiatric disorders hasn't produced many breakthroughs lately,

What, you mean like this Parkinson's treatment just approved in January?

I've seen patients with it and without it and it's a stunning difference.

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