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Forget the "Internet of Things" buzzwords for the moment and watch the video. In my line of work being able to interact with remote sensors is a huge time saver. There are proprietary devices which allow that already but they have their limitations. The biggest problem with home made solutions like using a Raspberry Pi and a Cell Modem (which this doesn't seem to solve), is powering them for an extended period on a battery.

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by Hadlock (#47570155) Attached to: Is the App Store Broken?

Yes, this is idea. The google play store is completely useless for finding top notch apps. As with the PC market, there's usually 2-3 applications that have all the features and aren't buggy and don't have a terrible user interface, and then 1-2 open source options that are very similar, and then 10,000 one-off single feature applets which are mostly useless and ancient.
I don't even use the google play store search function. I just google for lists of top versions of the type of app I need (with this year's year in the search results), then go download/buy that one and hope it stays updated.
I used to wonder why people use brand names when product names are so important. This is why. Complete chaos. In 10-15 years there will probably be an umbrella of 20-30 companies that offer suites of good programs that all work together well. Right now I'm going to avoid a new program by a new developer unless it does proper magic like Word Lens (which is now owned by Google), and just stick with curated lists on %RandomAndroidApprRviewSite%.

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So you've come up with the ultimate heat sink, but now you have to run it in a positive pressure ventilation clean room.
Might as well just stick the PC in the closet and run an HDMI over Ethernet to your desk and use wireless mouse/keyboard. Now that we're not forced to use a maximum of 9' VGA cable, and nobody uses physical media anymore, there's zero reason not to stick the PC somewhere else and run an extra CAT-6 drop for the video (HDMI over Ethernet needs 2x1gbps)

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