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Comment: Re:They're not astronauts, they're ballast. (Score 1) 44

by Hadlock (#47961513) Attached to: Trouble In Branson-Land, As Would-Be Space Tourists Get Antsy Over Delays

You're "weightless" in a parabolic arc, just like on on NASA's DC-9 "vomit comet", and you get more "zero g time" on the Vomit Comet than you will in Branson's carnival ride.
Second, Branson is redefining "space". The generally accepted edge of space is 62.x miles. Virgin Galactic is having trouble meeting 60.0 miles and is looking at switching fuels at the last minute to meet that more limited 60.0 goal. If 2.x miles doesn't sound like much, Mt. Everest is 5.5 miles high. This is like getting a 68% and calling it a C grade average.
Probably best to wait 10 years and hitch a ride on a Dragon v2 to a Bigelow inflatable Space Hotel for a night for a cool half-million.

Comment: Re: lock the front door before spend $1.5 billion (Score 2) 173

by AvitarX (#47961079) Attached to: Secret Service Critics Pounce After White House Breach

Oilcan completetly see how having unfettered access for the security is better than a locked door .

Casinos don't have locking doors either ,they have 24/7 security .

Double barrel locks are a higher risk in killing you in a fire than the added security of not being able to break a window and reach in to unlock .

Comment: Re:Product options always raise costs (Score 1) 368

by smash (#47959503) Attached to: Why You Can't Manufacture Like Apple
The fact that Samsung has a "galaxy line" among a heap of other android handsets is telling. If they were to get rid of most of the lineup of garbage that few people want, they'd be able to sell more of the higher end models at a lower price due to cheaper cost of manufacturing. Henry Ford worked this stuff out with the Model T.

Comment: Re:Apple sells jewelry, plain and simple (Score 1) 368

by smash (#47959487) Attached to: Why You Can't Manufacture Like Apple
I get evaluation phones on a regular basis at work. I've had perhaps 3 crashes on various iphones since 2008. I've used the Galaxy S4, The HTC One as examples of recent alternatives. Didn't like either of them. The shipping firmware on the HTC had bugs I stumbled across within a week, the S4 feels unpleasant to hold. And I do not like the android UI. If you do, great. I have zero interest in spending time to "learn how to use" my phone. It is an appliance.

Comment: Re:Apple sells jewelry, plain and simple (Score 0) 368

by smash (#47955415) Attached to: Why You Can't Manufacture Like Apple

You get logs on the Mac and plenty of diagnostic tools including dtrace. If the phone is broken you take it back to apple and they give you a new one, but there are diagnostic logs on that too that you can get off it.

Sounds like you're a typical nerd who gets asked to support apple gear and you're out of your depth, so just say "it's crap" because you don't understand it.

Comment: Re:complete sensationalist bullshit (Score 1) 292

by hankwang (#47955031) Attached to: Study Finds Link Between Artificial Sweeteners and Glucose Intolerance
It seems that I don't have a clue what you're trying to say. In lactose-tolerant people, lactose is broken down by enzymes produced by the human body, and the reaction product is absorbed. Lactose-intolerant people don't produce that enzyme. What specifically mutated bacteria that take care of the lactose in a benign or less pleasant way are you referring to? And what statement exactly do you wish to have a reference for?

Comment: Re:Apple sells jewelry, plain and simple (Score 3, Insightful) 368

by smash (#47954947) Attached to: Why You Can't Manufacture Like Apple

Whilst the iphone is pretty, what apple actually sells is a device you don't have to babysit, that does what it says on the box in a manner that is both attractive and pleasant to use.

The reason many people, myself included by apple gear is because I have spent the past 20 years babysitting computer shit because it half does what it says, needs care to use to ensure it doesn't get malware, etc. I'm fucking over it. I don't care about the theoretical reduced flexibility if the device does what I actually want it to do, and doesn't need babysitting.

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