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Comment OMG, A HUMMER!!! (Score 0) 554

The evidence for "people are starting to buy Hummers" again (even though a new H2 hasn't come off the assembly line in 5 years, the H1 in 8 years):

"As for those Hummers? said interest in Hummer H1s on its site rose 11 percent last month, making it the fastest-growing older model among all vehicles."

It doesn't take much interest to go from "0" to an 11% rise.

And this:

“We’ve sold a few just in the last few weeks,” said Blake Sharkey, an assistant sales manager at Stadium Auto in Arlington, Texas.


Comment End of Extended Unemployment Bennies (Score 0) 778

The growth rate also correlates quite well with the end of extended unemployment benefits. By raising the minimum wage, you've further increased the gap between the safety net and gainful employment, and thus given people more incentive to actually go and find work. More people working leads to capital actually creating value rather than being moved back and forth between the public and private piles. Good news, in general. However, we are talking about an awfully small sample size (a quarter, maybe two?). It will be interesting to see the data in a couple of years, assuming no major national or worldwide economic dislocation occurs, which, given the length of time that has expired since the last one and the cycles on which these things run, may very likely be just around the corner.

Comment IT'S THE KOCH BROTHERS' FAULT!!! (Score 0) 279

"the growing hostility to science in popular rhetoric"


Cue the angry response to my comment from some GRA in an environmental science department at an institution of high esteem, who has never held a job outside of the academe, who once read an article on MoJo that illustrated how the Koch brothers are funneling $10 trillion a week into a subliminal messaging system that broadcasts anti-"climate change" propaganda via episodes of 'Duck Dynasty', and who thus claims that their research is subject to 'growing hostility'.

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