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Comment: Re:My thoughts on the whole thing (Score 1) 1146

by MwtrV (#2803085) Attached to: New iMac Announced
On a side note, I'm going to comment this move from apple is in all honestly a major stride toward becoming exclusive with a certain segment of computer users; it appears now they will be making no effort whatsoever to enter the sub $1k market, something the imacs were doing before this new beast came along. This is probably not the best thing Apple could have done, IMHO, you know, because there are markets out there that do try for sub $1k before takes and everything. Dismissing that market as unimportant to Apple is bull shit, plain and simple, because there are people out there who want the apple experience but don't want to pay high prices -- older imacs were ideal for those folks (well, ideal being in the of the beholder -- hopefully theirs).

Me, personally, i could never stand the idea of buying a system with a 15" screen as part of the price, albeit flat with all the claims to faim perfectly valid. I'm spoiled by a $400 19" inch and I also don't believe the I'm missing out on anything major. I really do want an Apple in later years, as I think UNIX backed by commercial applications we'll never see in Linux sounds quite quite exciting.

ObDissapointment of the weekend: 2.4.16 w/ XFS patches applied don't compile with either GCC-3.0 or GCC-2.95. god damn it, SGI; comments in makefile telling us to install gcc2.96 for chrissakes...

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