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Comment Re:Overturn States' Rights? (Score 2) 132

So, when will a California resident be able to purchase a non CARB compliant motor vehicle?

Hopefully, approximately the same time it becomes OK for me to crap on your lawn. Your encrypted messages to your wife don't harm me or the state. Your high-pollution vehicles make it harder for me to breathe.

Comment Re:Sorry Assholes (Score 1) 372

I disagree. If he came in and took over a low UID for the sake of appearances, I'd personally write off a lot of his messages as PR attempts. But to join in through the same route as everyone else to earn his rep by participating, not by owning a low UID*? I respect that.

* But don't underestimate the importance of that. They give you a Ferrari each year on your anniversary.

Comment Re:So what should we do? (Score 1) 523

Also, the (possibly trained) driver isn't going to be the only person to ever sit behind the wheel. Valets, mechanics, and friends will all take turns driving over the years. Is Joe Driver going to remember that the pattern he's learned and committed to muscle memory over months of driving is unexpected, and to warn everyone he gives the keys to? This is bad UI, pure and simple.

Comment The power is the size of multuplayer. (Score 1) 56

So it embraces aws growth for multiplayer, does it spawn additional servers if more players join? How many users can you have in a game? Can we have battles with thousands of users playing a fps in real time?

I can see why Amazon is releasing this, you are using aws services (with costs) and twitch, that uses aws servers.

Not sure this would be cheaper than dedicated game rental companies. But if auto spin up of instances for on demand growth is a real feature, that is pretty awesome.

Comment Re:And never mind... (Score 1) 184

Thats because its an election year, and the republicans are in trouble for passing every budget bill that goes against the rights core agenda. They are being called rino's by their own party, and the in-fighting after the budget is passed, including full funding for planned parenthood, etc. Almost all the social media is negative about their elected officials, and why Trump is taking off. They are tired of "same as usual" do nothing politics.

Comment Re:Gridlock (Score 1) 184

Republicans will say they will object to an bill from Obama, but they almost always fall in line and pass it. The Syrian ban was bi-partisan. This is why people are calling the republicans rinos, they pass the bills the right wing public doesn't want. So yeah, they say they wont, but they will fall in line and do it anyways.

Comment BFQ is AWESOME... (Score 5, Informative) 65

Been running PF-Kernel for a few years, which has a bunch of patches, including BFQ, ck patch set with BFS, Tux in ice, UKSM, and grayskys gcc kernel patch. I normally just use the PF Github repo

Love it. With BFQ, you no longer get system pauses on your desktop. I can listen to music or play a video, run a few vms, while a compiler runs in the background, and x-windows doesn't pause, typing doesn't pause, its how a system should act. Your system seems more fluid with no pausing.

PF-Kernel seems to be for Arch/Gentoo/Rpm based, but I've used it on Ubuntu systems. Pf-Kernel isn't the only one, there are other kernels out there that include more performance patches, Xanmod and Liquorix

Comment Answering Hello (Score 1) 251

I do this on my voice mail, since robo calls will hang up. Just answer "Hello, Hi" wait 3-4 seconds, repeat, Takes about 5-6 seconds for the robocall to transfer to a human when it thinks its not voicemail. Really pisses them off when they transfer and they hear "Yup, its really not hear, you got the machine"

I suspect they dont get paid for voicemails, so they get really really mad. I've heard some swearing and cussing, love it.


Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 582

Because, of course, the great majority of people carefully analyze the potential hazards that might appear on a road, such as cars backing out of driveways, and slow down to a speed that allows time to avoid collisions.

That's why, for instance, nobody ever runs into boulders on the road when driving around curves on mountain roads -- they know that turn very well and regardless of the silly regulatory 40 mph sign they know it's perfectly safe at 65.

Comment I like the small-town Mexican solution (Score 4, Funny) 582

Take some discarded automotive parts (coil spring, shock absorber) and fine steel cable (the original reputedly used piano wire) and run it across the road under tension a few inches above the pavement. Go over it slowly (with the speed set by the shock absorber) and you never notice it's there. Go too fast and it slices the tire right off of the rim.

Comment Re:Aim to not be Reddit, Hacker News, Stack Overfl (Score 1) 1833

I personally don't like the firehose, but maybe it's a good idea.

Years ago we tried to make topics actually work. It never really gained traction because there just isn't that much attention in those dedicated areas.
Years ago we also tried tagging articles, but mods tended to be upset when we tagged many terrible articles as 'slow news day.'

Perhaps, the two could be combined to form not terribly specific communities that have a lower threshold for publishing and could be surfaced to the main page if it gets enough discussion. It's not quite a reddit implementation where communities are established with their own moderation bland, but more of a sorted version of firehost.

Right now, I don't use any of those and there are a large number of not really 'news for nerds' articles I don't care to read. Perhaps if I could just surf the 'newsfornerds.slashdot.org' or 'linux.slashdot.org' with more frequent articles then it would help both flesh out more articles and bring back a little niche.

It's something to think about... I don't really see a need to self moderated communities like reddit because of of the shit hole that can become, but realistically you need a way to lower the barrier to news aggregation. These side channels could be filled faster and maybe carry a disclaimer about the frequency of publishing.

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