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Comment: Re:Can this be considered fraud? (Score 1) 249

by Murple the Purple (#27889437) Attached to: More Fake Journals From Elsevier

If you have a large corporation, there's no way a few individuals at the top can possibly monitor the behavior of hundreds or thousands of employees. Should a CEO go to prison because some low-level manager commits fraud? If that were the case, no-one would ever take the risk of forming and running a major business.

Too big to jail? Corporation size could use some downward pressure.

Comment: Re:Factual train times (Score 1) 378

by Murple the Purple (#27091569) Attached to: Timetable App Developer Gets Nastygram From Transit Sydney

They don't use optical sensors so there's nothing a sticker could block. When the doors close and you're in the way they try to squash you and only if your limbs don't fall off they open up again for a few seconds before slamming closed on you again if you're stupid enough not to move in.

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