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Comment Depends on how versatile you want to be (Score 1) 1086

My experience is that advanced mathematics is not needed every day but it is needed sometimes. In my career I've worked in the chemical industry, biomedical engineering and telecom; all as a software engineer. In each I have used calculus at some time. Sometimes it just added insight and others it was absolutely required to do the job. Understanding advanced math certainly doesn't hurt and often helps your career by making you more versatile to your employer.

Comment Re:CD Boot (Score 1) 242

The exploit talks about modifying SMRAM. It's done with root level access on the computer. And in my understanding, the effect is not permanent, since you're changing RAM. Reboot, and it'll be gone.

Really?? As I understand RAM memory dynamic RAM works as you describe but not static RAM. Which is SMIRAM?

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